Clinical Edge - Free Achilles tendinopathy running rehab videos with Tom Goom Clinical Edge - Free Achilles tendinopathy running rehab videos with Tom Goom

Free Achilles tendinopathy running rehab videos with Tom Goom

We all want the best for patients. We hope that each session can see them take another step towards their goals and getting back to what they love. Sadly it can be hard to achieve that sometimes and difficult for us and our patients to see light at the end of the tunnel.

One area where this is often true is achilles tendinopathy in runners. It's very common, easy to aggravate and slow to respond to treatment. Many therapists feel their treatment options are limited and aren't clear how to advise athletes on training and rehab. As full time clinicians we share these frustrations! That's why we've put together a series of three evidence-based videos to get you great results with achilles tendinopathy.

In the first video we cover common causes and the impact achilles tendon pain can have on people's life. It explores the role of training error, the importance of muscle strength and how to balance training load and tendon capacity.

In video 2 we cover key assessment strategies to identify load tolerance and focus rehab on the important areas to get the best outcomes. We'll follow a case-study throughout from initial appointment to running a marathon. This story continues in our third and final video where we explore how to reduce tendon pain, exercise options and how to modify training to reduce pain while working towards a race.

Along the way we'll touch on foot posture and ask if pronation has a role, we'll talk about gait analysis and we'll consider the psychosocial impact and how fear may be a key factor in tendon rehab.

Addressing local tendon pain & pathology is an important component in achilles tendinopathy management. Current management of tendon pain is often quite tendon focussed, we'll help you see a bigger picture for better results for you and your runners.

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