Free webinar - How to perform a running assessment

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Would you like to improve your assessment and treatment of runners? How can you perform a thorough and accurate assessment of your runners biomechanics to identify the key components contributing to their injury?

In this webinar with Dr Rich Willy, Physical Therapist and one of the leaders in research on running biomechanics, you will discover exactly how to perform a running assessment in your clinic. Differing running mechanics are associated with different injuries, and following this webinar you will know which aspects of your patients gait to address depending on their movement patterns and injury. 

You will explore:

  • How you can assess your runners
  • What specific questions you need to ask your runners during the subjective history
  • If your runner has had stress fractures, what followup tests are important
  • Which running components are related to achilles tendinopathy, plantar fasciopathy, patellofemoral pain, tibial stress and knee OA?
  • How to perform video running analysis - what to look for, which angles you need to measure
  • ITB Syndrome - what contributes to this in runners?
  • Gluteal tendinopathy and Piriformis syndrome
  • Relationship of running mechanics to FAI and Anterior Labral Tear
  • Does hip abduction strength actually relate to medial collapse when running and patellofemoral pain
  • Does hip strengthening improve running mechanics?
  • Common errors in running mechanics
  • How can you retrain running mechanics most effectively?

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