Free webinar - How to treat persistent pain and use the latest pain education strategies in your treatment with Mike Stewart

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The challenge of helping people to make sense and overcome pain can be one of the most daunting experiences for both clinicians and patients. People in pain are often frustrated after failed short-term interventions. Patient education forms a significant component of modern day healthcare, yet most clinicians have a limited teaching toolkit. To help people make sense of pain, we must first develop our teaching skills.

This webinar explores a patient-centered approach using a variety of practical learning methods to help your patients make sense and overcome their pain. It provides a range of practical applications and innovative learning methods to take into your clinic for immediate results. The webinar’s content blends a wide range of contemporary evidence from both the educational and healthcare literature.

The webinar has 5 learning aims:

  1. Provide practical ideas to help people make sense of pain.
  2. Explore an evidence-based understanding of what people in pain want from healthcare professionals.
  3. Provide an introduction to teaching & facilitation skills in order to optimise learning for people in pain.
  4. Explore the role of metaphors within pain reconceptualisation.
  5. Consider the application of pain science education within sport.

Know Pain courses have been taught in 14 countries and have provided a wide range of clinicians around the world with practical pain education skills. Feedback from over 700 healthcare professionals who have attended Know Pain courses has shown that 100% would recommend a Know Pain course to their colleagues. 95% of people strongly agreed that Know Pain had equipped them with practical skills to help people in pain.

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