Running Repairs Online course

July 11th, 2017 to July 11th, 2017

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Successfully treat running injuries

How can you have greater confidence and success with running injuries?

When you treat injured runners, sometimes you can feel frustrated and disheartened at slow patient progress, feel like you are missing something or fighting a losing battle. You may also have difficulty getting patient buy-in and confidence that your treatment plan will be effective. Despite these challenges, the thought of learning more about running injuries has been right up there on your wishlist, because you love treating active patients. 

You want to help your patients overcome their injuries and get back to sport or activity as quickly as possible. You also want to have great treatment options, feel more confident, get better results, enjoy treating runners more, and be a leader in your area for running injuries.

THAT is what Tom Goom and I are going to help you accomplish today.

Successfully treating running injuries can be incredibly rewarding and enjoyable. You can help your injured runners to progress more quickly, and have increased confidence, satisfaction, and enjoyment at work.

How can you achieve success with running injury patients?

You can master the assessment and treatment of running injuries, with the help of the Running repairs online course, taught by Physiotherapist, expert teacher and clinician, Tom Goom.

The Running Repairs Online course is your path to great assessment and treatment of running injuries, incorporating videos and worksheets with the latest evidence, practical demonstrations of assessment tests, treatment techniques, exercises and exercise progressions. You will be guided through how to assess your runners from their initial appointment, commencing their treatment program and incorporating running assessment and gait retraining. You will receive access to case studies demonstrating how to apply clinical reasoning and treatment to your running injury patients, and how to manage your patients running and strengthening load. You will know which exercises your patients need to perform, how and when to progress their exercises, to full return to running.

You can immediately use the material from the Running Repairs Online course to develop simple and successful treatment programs. Your confidence and success with these patients will skyrocket, and you will enjoy treating running injuries more. Your improved results will build your reputation, resulting in word of mouth bringing in even more running patients to your practice, and a full list of motivated responsive patients. 

What you need is a course to help you master the assessment and treatment of running injuries.

When you enrol on the Running Repairs Online course, you will get complete access to all of the presentation and practical elements you would receive if you attended the face to face course, plus additional material unable to be covered during a single weekend.

You will be taken step by step through your assessment so you are clear and confident on how to use your assessment to guide your treatment and rehab program. 

You will have access to video demonstrations, examples and case studies of running assessment and gait retraining, so you can easily incorporate this into your assessment and treatment. 

Detailed videos on manual therapy techniques, exercises you can use with your patients and rehab progressions will help you tie this all together into a successful treatment program. 

We filmed the entire Running Repairs face to face course, and recruited an Australian national level 100m hurdler (Hannah) as our demonstration model. Hannah was perfect for Tom to demonstrate assessment tests, running assessment, running drills for your runners and athletes to use in their rehab, gait retraining, exercises and progressions that you can use with your runners. 

There was a lot of work involved in filming the entire course, and we also had a lot of fun! Tom used the opportunity to develop some incredible leg strength and speed….. To help Tom out with this, and to see how strong he really is, I put him to the test in the gym, which you can WATCH HERE.

Besides having a great time filming, we wanted to make the Running Repairs Online course really practical for you, so you could use it immediately with your runners in your clinic, so we planned out the best way for you to go through the course online.

What are people saying about the Running Repairs course?

“Really enjoyed the Running Repairs course over the weekend. Would highly recommend for any physio that assesses and treats runners” David.

“It’s really good to come away from a weekend of learning and be able to apply the new knowledge straight away” Abi

“Thank you so much for doing the course. I did an in service presentation on running injuries focusing on achilles tendinopathy at work. All the senior staff found it really useful” Charlotte

“Thanks for the great Running Repairs course. Clinically useful info and exercises – am looking forward to treating my next runner!” Rachel

“Best course I’ve been on by far in a very long time. Highly recommended” Ali

On our post course feedback…

“Very practical skills -> real clinical applications backed up by research; comprehensive look into how to manage different runners”

“Practical and sets out a great structure for assessment”

“Amazing body of positive applicable research; Good mix of prac + theory; Tom’s dad jokes”

“Functional, practical & evidence-based”

“It was everything I hoped the course would be”

“Extremely useful resource!”

We asked our course members to rate our content and delivery out of 10 (where 10 is best possible) for each course. Our average is 9.5/10, with a whopping average rating of 9.8/10 on the Sydney course in February 2017.

To hear more of what people are saying about the course check out our hash tag on Twitter – #RunningRepairs

What’s included when you enrol on the Running Repairs Online course?

There are 10 core course modules in the Running Repairs Online course, covering all of the aspects you need to know when assessing and treating runners. Each module incorporates webinar presentations, video demonstrations of the assessment and treatment, and  practical exercises and progressions you can use with your patients.


Image title

Module 1 - Restoring balance

  • Learn key concepts for treating runners and athletes of all levels

  • Understand the role of load and the importance of capacity

  • See how physical and psychosocial factors interlink to influence patient health and injury risk

  • Runners just want to run! Understand why and how to safely keep them doing the sport they love

  • Recognise the loading ‘sweet spot’ for different tissues and find it for your patients

Image title

Module 2 - Know your athlete and what’s caused their injury

  • Really get to know your runners with the right subjective and objective assessments

  • Identify the underlying causes of injury and pain

  • We’re much more than just tissues being loaded! Delve into key psychosocial factors and the questions to ask

  • Training structure and progression are key for athletes. We discuss how to assess and adapt training structure based on your patient’s goals and injury

  • With our evidence-based objective assessment techniques you can learn the vital areas to work on for your patients to get best results

Image title

Module 3 - Become an expert in gait analysis

  • Here you’ll learn how to assess running gait in your clinic without an expensive gait lab!

  • We cover all key components including foot strike, cadence and stride length and challenge some of the common myths

  • You’ll gain a deeper understanding of how running gait affects tissue load and links to injury

  • We have a host of tried and tested running cues and drills you can add to your treatment toolbox for great results

  • There’s been an explosion in gait analysis research in recent years, we’ll guide you through the key evidence and recommendations with a step-by-step assessment strategy

Image title

Module 4 - Optimise strength and conditioning for your runners

  • There are so many questions surrounding strength and conditioning, we’ll cover all the key areas:

    • How do we decide load?

    • Do we need to isolate individual muscles? What are ‘functional’ exercises for runners

    • What variables can we change to suit the patient?

    • What exercises really work the glutes? How do we strengthen the hamstrings? What role do ‘core exercises’ have?

    • How do we tailor rehab to the patient’s needs and progress exercises to achieve their goals?

  • Use our huge collection of exercise videos for rehab ideas and inspiration

  • What if the patient won’t do their exercises? See our key strategies in overcoming barriers to rehab

Image title

Module 5 - Run or rest? How to guide return to running after injury

  • With guidance from this module you’ll be able to keep around 70-80% of your athletes running despite injury

  • You’ll learn when it’s best to rest and how to provide clear guidance on training modification

  • Use our ‘baseline’ approach to identify a starting point for runners and build a graded return

  • Develop your load management skills and learn how to balance risk v reward within training schedules

Image title

Module 6 - Tendinopathy

  • Current management of tendinopathy is often too tendon focused and this can result in chronic pain if not managed carefully.

  • Learn a positive management approach that goes beyond the tendon and centres around education as well as load management.

  • Set realistic rehab expectations for you and your athletes

  • Explore the evidence around rehab options to improve load capacity

  • Discover how to apply your rehabilitation to all lower limb tendinopathies, and incorporate the library of specific exercise videos into your exercise progressions

  • See our excellent tendinopathy rehab videos to give you a host of exercises at your disposal

Image title

Module 7 - Plantar fasciopathy

  • Go far beyond ineffective calf stretches and gain a host of treatment options for this painful condition including:

    • Understanding pathology and risk factors

    • The role of heavy slow loading and plantar fascia specific stretches

    • Hands on techniques to reduce pain and improve ROM

    • Exercise prescription to address common impairments and prepare for function in running

    • Gait re-training to reduce plantar fascial load

Image titleModule 8 - Bone stress injury, ‘shin splints’ and stress fractures

  • Bone stress injuries are complex, this module will help you identify and treat the most important aspects for each individual patient, including:

    • The role of load and the bone stress continuum

    • The importance of sleep, diet and general well being for bone health

    • Management of Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome (AKA ‘shin splints’) including rehab and key gait cues to reduce bone stress.

    • See the rehab journey from diagnosis to marathon running for a high risk stress fracture, with emphasis on the role of psychosocial factors on training behaviour

Image title

Module 9 - Muscle pain and biomechanical overload

  • Many runners get muscle pain when running and it can stop them in their tracks. Help them find long term solutions by exploring:

    • The new concept of ‘Biomechanical Overload Syndrome’ and how it challenges previous approaches

    • The importance of differential diagnosis including neural or vascular sources of pain

    • Potential causes including training error and running gait

    • Treatment options for calf pain, lateral shin pain, hamstring and gluteal muscle symptoms

Image titleModule 10 - Patellofemoral pain, ITBS and course summary

  • Patellofemoral pain is the most common running injury and can be a challenge to treat. We’ll explore essential aspects and recent research:

    • Pathology and pain

    • Potential causes of ‘runner’s knee’

    • The importance of activity modification

    • Adapting rehab to reduce patellofemoral load

  • Our case study will help you bring together the key concepts in running injury management to cement your knowledge including education, training modification, S&C and gait re-training


We have some fantastic bonuses that will help you to increase your enjoyment and treatment outcomes with running injuries even further. Everyone enrolling on the Running Repairs Online course course will receive access to these great bonuses

Image title

Bonus 1 - Additional Module - Running shoe selection and pronation - where do we stand? (value $497)

A great deal of therapists admit confusion over shoes, pronation and running injury. In this bonus module we summarise the latest evidence and how it impacts you in clinic. We'll answer the following tricky questions!...

  • Pronation, is it a risk factor for running injury? If so, when is it a key factor?
  • How is pronation assessed?
  • Where does peak pronation occur and how is it influenced by running gait?
  • How should we advise on running shoe selection? What are the key factors?
  • How does shoe type influence running gait?
  • How do motion control shoes influence running gait and injury?
  • What are 'heel toe drop' and 'mid-sole hardness' and what impact do they have on injury risk?
  • Barefoot v shod running, we get to the sole of the matter (oh dear!)
  • Key take home points for use in clinic

Bonus 2 - Live Q&A sessions with Tom Goom (value $600)

Once you start applying all of the great info on the course with your patients, you may have specific questions you would love to know the answers to. That’s where you get additional support directly from Tom Goom, to keep you progressing with your running injury assessment and treatment.

We will have four live and recorded Q&A sessions with Tom to answer your questions. You can submit your questions and join us live, or watch a recording of the Q&A when it suits you.

These Q&A sessions will provide you with the support you need, allowing you to continue to improve your confidence, while overcoming any treatment barriers you experience.

Bonus 3 - Track pack (value $497)

Keep your runners on track! Make your assessment and treatments incredibly efficient and effective, with the complete collection of our downloadable assessment and treatment sheets all in one place. Download these forms and use with your running injury patients as many times as you like

  1. The runner's 'tool box' (and how to individualise care for each runner)
  2. The Glutes Circuit (and EMG studies behind it)
  3. A Plantar Fasciopathy Rehab Program (and the reasoning and research behind it)
  4. A simple Soleus Circuit to print and provide to your patients in clinic
  5. Running Gait Assessment guide and cheat sheet
  6. Strength & Conditioning cheat sheet
  7. Capacity testing
  8. Athlete monitoring tool
  9. TendonQ tendon health questionnaire
  10. Top tips for optimising performance in injured athletes
  11. Advice to improve running technique from recent research
  12. A rehab sheet for patients to record their exercise program

Bonus 4 - Achilles tendinopathy videos and handout (value $197)

Full access to the videos on how to assess and treat Achilles tendinopathy, plus download the handout to complement the video presentations

Bonus 5 - Post course resources (value $197)

Full access to valuable resources on how to implement the Running Repairs Online course in your clinical practice. Exercise progression resources to increase your exercise prescription library and skills

With the course content valued at $997.00 and $1988.00 worth of bonuses, you receive $2985.00 in value, saving you $2288.00 on Gold enrolment

Additional bonuses you receive with Platinum and Diamond enrolment

With Platinum course enrolment, you receive these additional bonuses:

Bonus 6 - Ongoing access to the Running Repairs Online course (value $997.00)

Your course access will not expire, allowing you to refer back to the course whenever it suits you in the future

Bonus 7 - Access to all future updates to the Running Repairs Online course content (value $1997.00).

New research, assessment & treatment strategies emerge constantly, and the course is re-recorded and updated to reflect the latest research. You will receive ongoing access to ALL FUTURE COURSE UPDATES!

Bonus 8 - Private, members only Running repairs Facebook group (value $997)

The Running Repairs Online course leads you through every step of your assessment and treatment of running injuries. In addition to the course, having health professionals around to support you in your journey to great results with running injuries, and to answer questions and discuss barriers you face or treatment ideas will help you overcome .

Bonus 9 - Downloadable audio files of each of the lectures and videos to listen to whenever it suits you (worth $497)

Download the MP3 audio files of each presentation, so you can listen to the course when you are walking, running, driving, doing housework or mowing the lawn

Bonus 10 - Downloadable research articles related to running injuries and rehabilitation (value $99)

Download the latest running injury related research easily and all in one place for your next presentation or research discussion

When you add it all up, Platinum enrolment has a total value of $7572.00, saving you a total of $6575.00

With Diamond course enrolment, you receive all of the Platinum bonuses, and these additional bonuses

Bonus 11 - 2017 Sports Injuries virtual conference access for 12 months (value $997.00)

The Clinical Edge Sports Injuries virtual conference will be held in December 2017, focused on practical assessment & treatment of sporting injuries. You will receive full access to the conference presentations during the conference and for 12 months following the conference. You also receive access to audio downloads for each of the conference presentations

Bonus 12 - Your choice of 6 months access to the 2016 Sports Injuries virtual conference presentations (value $997) or 12 months Platinum Clinical Edge membership (value $690.00)

You can choose whether you would like access to all of the 2016 Sports Injuries virtual conference presentations and audio files until 31 December 2017 (value $997), or 12 months Platinum Clinical Edge membership (value $690)

Diamond course enrolment has a total value of $9566.00, saving you a total of $7569.00

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How long do I have access to the course for?

Gold Running Repairs Online course enrolment will provide you with 12 months access to the current version of the course. If you choose a Platinum or Diamond course enrolment, you will have access to the presentations on an ongoing basis, including all future updates.

When new research or assessment and treatment techniques emerge, will I receive access to course updates?

Gold enrolment includes access to the current version of the course. Platinum and Diamond enrolments include access to ALL FUTURE UPDATES to the course.

What are the audio downloads?

Platinum and Diamond course enrolment provides you with audio downloads of the course presentations. These will be available to download to your Computer, Phone or iPod, to listen to whenever it suits you. When the course is updated, you will be able to download the updated audio files as well.

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I would suggest calling your bank (fraud services) to get them to approve payments to Clinical Edge on your credit card. When they give you the all clear, try logging into the Clinical Edge website, using this email address and the password you created.
Going to and re entering your credit card details
Sometimes people have had to call their bank twice if it didn’t work the first time, or wait a short period.
If these 2 steps don’t work, please let us know so we can help sort it out.

Will there be course handouts?

There sure will be. You will be able to download the full course handouts from within your dashboard.

Will I have access to the precourse Achilles presentations and handouts?

Yes. These will be available for you to view in your login, after you enrol.

When do I pay for my course enrolment?

At the time of enrolment.

How long will the course be open for enrolment?

Course enrolment will close on 8th July 2017.

I have tried to enrol, but the website won’t accept my enrolment, I am getting a Whoops message or nothing seems to be happening. How can I enrol?

Unless you got sent to a Thankyou page, your payment did not go through. If you do have any issues during signup, it is generally due to 1 of the above credit card or login issues.

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Do I have to be a Clinical Edge member to enrol on the Running Repairs Online course?

Course enrolment is open to members and non-members. You will have to enter an email address and password, so all of your invoices and CPD records are kept together.

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I am already a Clinical Edge member, but would like to sign up for the Diamond Course enrolment. How does this work?

Your membership will be updated to give you your choice of an extra year of Platinum member access, or access to the 2016 Sports Injuries virtual conference until 31 December 2017.

You will also receive 12 months access to the 2017 Clinical Edge Sports Injuries virtual conference with a Diamond course enrolment.

Is the Facebook group for Platinum & Diamond enrollees the same group as for the 21 day challenge?

No, the Facebook group offered as a bonus with Platinum & Diamond course enrolment is separate, exclusive to Platinum & Diamond enrollees.

When will I receive access to the course materials?

To ensure you have an amazing experience with this online course, we have been hard at work rebuilding our entire website so that you can easily progress from one lesson the next, access the resources you need whenever you login and make it extremely easy for you. It is going to be amazing, and I’m sure you will love your experience with the course and the website. We will be launching the brand new website, with access to all of your course resources on July 25 2017. Platinum & Diamond enrollees will receive access to the exclusive Facebook group also from July 25 2017.

What does the price of my course pass go towards?

To ensure the highest quality presenters and material are provided for course attendees, all Clinical Edge course presenters are paid for the presentations. More than 12 months of preparation, work and costs are involved in the research, organisation and preparation to provide you with this opportunity, and for a fully featured online course of such a high standard.

Unlike physical courses and conferences, your course enrolment provides you with access to the course presentations for 12 months or on an ongoing basis, allowing you to watch presentations whenever it suits you, as many times as you like.

You save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, on travel time, travel costs and accommodation, while accessing the course from the comfort of your home or clinic.
All of this for less than the price of one physical course!

Can I share my Running Repairs Online course access with my friends or workmates?

Each course enrolment will provide access for one person to the course, and one Certificate of Attendance for your CPD Record. Please be honest with your course login. We really appreciate your honesty in keeping your course access to yourself so that we can continue to organise education like this for you, and depend on your honesty to be able to do this.

We have a special deal for clinics to enroll all of their staff, you can receive a 50% discount on course enrolments for 3 or more staff.

Is this Running Repairs Online course going to be awesome? 

Big time, it’s off the Richter scale in awesomeness.

Running Repairs Online course Presentations

Running Repairs Online course by Tom Goom

There are 10 core course modules in the Running Repairs Online course 

Module 1 - Restoring balance

Module 2 - Know your athlete and what’s caused their injury

Module 3 - Become an expert in gait analysis

Module 4 - Optimise strength and conditioning for your runners

Module 5 - Run or rest? How to guide return to running after injury

Module 6 - Tendinopathy

Module 7 - Plantar fasciopathy

Module 8 - Bone stress injury, ‘shin splints’ and stress fractures

Module 9 - Muscle pain and biomechanical overload

Module 10 - Patellofemoral pain, ITBS and course summary

Bonus Module 11 - Additional Module - Running shoe selection and pronation - where do we stand?

Read full abstract

About Tom Goom

Tom Goom is a chartered Physiotherapist with over a decade of experience. He qualified from Oxford Brookes University in 2002 with a BSc (hons) in Physiotherapy. Since then he has gained a wealth of knowledge and skills working in a variety of clinics in the UK and overseas.

Tom now teaches other therapists on his popular Running Repairs Course and presents regularly around the country on a number of running related topics. His specialist areas of interest include running gait analysis and treatment of tendinopathy (previously called ‘tendinitis’) which is very common in sports men and women.

While Tom does specialise in treating runners he is still very active in treating all manner of conditions in athletes and non-athletes alike.

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What People are SayingCustomer Testimonials

The podcasts have been great for me to continue my CPD on the run - literally…. They have been a brilliant way to distract and keep me going whilst I pound the pavement/dirt track etc. I end my run feeling inspired and usually with some specific practical tips, and I have already worked out who I am going to put them into practice on.

Karine Meadley, Physiotherapist Eden Valley, Australia

The podcasts are extremely helpful for me. As a new graduate in the private practice setting, the podcasts assisted in bridging my knowledge gap from from what I had learnt at university to what was required as a competent private practice physiotherapist. I would highly recommend to all physiotherapists wanting to improve their evidence based knowledge in assessing and treating musculoskeletal conditions.


Daniel Piggott, Physiotherapist Bankstown, Australia