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Clinical Edge Membership

Why become a Clinical Edge member?

How do I become a member of Clinical Edge?

Free membership trial of Clinical Edge - are we for real?

What are the benefits of the free trial Clinical Edge membership?

Are there any drawbacks or commitments with free membership?

When is my membership payment charged?

How can I add other education to my CPD Record?

How much is membership to Clinical Edge?

Can I cancel my membership to the site?

Are there any cancellation fees if you decide to cancel your membership?

Who can become a member of Clinical Edge?

If I sign up, how long will my membership last for?

Once I become a member, do I get immediate discounts on face to face courses?

How does the 14 day trial work?

Why become a Clinical Edge member?

What online education do you have available?

Will I be able to access all the online courses and videos with a free trial?

Will I receive course discounts with a free trial membership?

What is the difference between Gold and Platinum membership?

Online education technical questions

How can I download the lecturer's notes for each of the videos?

What are the computer requirements to be able to watch the online education?

I am a member, why does my screen look different when I sign in?

I cannot view the videos. What should I do?

I am a member, how can I enroll on a course?

Is the online payment secure when becoming a member or booking a course?

How can I download the Platinum members online course audio files

How can I access BJSM?

Can I change the playback speed of videos eg watch them in a faster speed?

Course enrolment

Do I have to be a member to book a course?

Do I have to pay online?

In what currency are course costs charged?

What credit/debit cards can I pay for my membership or course fees with?

Are there places available on my preferred course?

I have registered on a course waiting list, do I have to pay anything?

I am unable to attend a course I have enrolled in. Can I get a refund?

How are refund monies transferred?

Can you hold a place for me on a course without any payment?


How can I access podcast handouts & other resources?