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I'm excited to share a new addition to the Clinical Edge membership program, to help increase your confidence, knowledge and practical skills. After receiving so much positive feedback on the new online courses and webinars we have provided for you recently, we began looking for other ways to help further enhance your clinical skills and confidence.

In addition to new webinars and practical videos added to your Clinical Edge library, we are commencing Case studies with a live Q&A every month, each with a focus topic. You will explore a patient case study, taking you through the patient presentation, assessment and diagnosis, clinical reasoning and treatment, so you can understand the clinical reasoning, why treatments were chosen, and have an opportunity to ask any questions live on the webinar.  

This enhanced content and live Q&A is only available to Clinical Edge members. A recording of the case study and Q&A will be available afterwards for members that are unable to join us for the live webinar or those who would like to watch it again, by logging into their Clinical Edge online courses dashboard. 

We will be commencing the first case study and live Q&A on August 24, 2016 with "Cervical radiculopathy - nervous about treating the nervous system?" with David Pope. 

We want your feedback, so please let us know your suggestions for other topics.

Upcoming topics include:

  • August 2016 - Cervical radiculopathy - nervous about treating the nervous system?
  • September 2016 - "Masquerading thighs" - Acute quadriceps strains or another masquerading source?
  • October 2016 - "Snipers shoulders" - Targeted shoulder treatment in throwing athletes. Is it possible to identify and treat specific shoulder structures in throwing athletes. Find out when it is and isn't possible
  • November 2016 - "The low down on acute low back pain". Clinical reasoning in the treatment of acute low back pain

Masterclass - Cervical radiculopathy case study, clinical reasoning & live Q&A

Cervical radiculopathy live webinar

Audio - Cervical radiculopathy live webinar

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