Clinical Edge - 21 Day Challenge - Improve your exercise prescription Clinical Edge - 21 Day Challenge - Improve your exercise prescription

21 Day Challenge - Improve your exercise prescription

One of the biggest challenges we often face in achieving great treatment results is completion of those fantastic exercises you provided to your patients. Every day we prescribe exercises for our patients to perform, and every day patients present for their next appointment without having performed any or all of the exercises you provided. Why is that? What are the challenges your patients face that interfere with their ability to perform the exercises? 

It's time to discover those challenges, and improve your exercise prescription with the 21 day challenge

The 21 day challenge with David Pope and Tom Goom will help you identify and overcome the challenges your patients commonly face when performing their rehab. By joining us on the 21 day challenge you will improve your skills, confidence and results with exercise prescription.

For 21 days you will perform an exercise rehab program of your choice, with a mini challenge provided by us each day. This is an opportunity for you to have a deeper understanding of performing a rehabilitation exercise program into your daily life. You will discover the challenges this poses, and explore the solutions to these challenges while supported by a community of therapists going through the challenge with you.

Do you have any injuries you are currently recovering from? Did you fully rehabilitate your previous injuries? Kickstart your own recovery, while identifying and overcoming challenges (just like we want each of our patients to do!).

Don't have any injuries you are recovering from? This is your chance to strengthen any area you treat commonly, or would like to work on, like your glutes or shoulders.

You will discover new exercises you can use with your running, sporting and musculoskeletal patients, as we share our exercise programs and work together in the Facebook group. You will explore ways you can help your patients in a practical manner to identify the challenges they may face in performing their exercise program. You will then be able to work with your patients to overcome these barriers and challenges, to maximise their recovery and get excellent treatment outcomes.

By the conclusion of the challenge you will be more fully equipped to address the barriers your patients encounter and improve your patient compliance to exercise. You will feel more confident and effective in your exercise prescription, and have a greater positive impact on your patients lives.

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