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If you have ever asked yourself any of the questions below, you're in the right place.

  • "How can I improve my clinical skills?"
  • "How can I keep up to date with the latest research?"
  • "Which exercises should I get my patients to perform?"
  • "How can I be really specific with the treatment or strengthening programs I give to my patients?"
  • "What is the best manual therapy to perform, and when should I do it?" 
  • "When can a joint injury such as an AC Joint injury or Acetabular Labral tear be treated conservatively and when does it need surgery?"  

What to expect

I believe Physiotherapists and Physical Therapists that want great results with their patients must stay up to date and become master clinicians and communicators, with excellent clinical reasoning. 

How can you find the time to keep up to date on the latest research when you are working in your clinic treating patients all week? Instead of reading hundreds of textbooks and thousands of research papers, become a Clinical Edge member to get the best results possible with your patients, and gain a lot of job satisfaction.

We help you explore the answers to these questions with online courses and conferences, and face to face courses. Every month we release new videos to help you discover practical ways to improve your assessment and treatment. 

How would it change your practice if you were able to be more specific with your treatment of shoulder pain? How would you feel if you were able to confidently identify what you need to treat and consistently achieve great results with your treatment? What if you were the go to person in your area for musculoskeletal pain?

At Clinical Edge, we provide education for Physiotherapists/Physical Therapists with a practical focus, that you can use immediately in the clinic. You will feel more confident in your treatment, get consistently great results with your treatment, and ultimately get more job satisfaction, a list of patients that love your treatment and a thriving physio practice. 

About David Pope

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Clinical Edge was founded by David Pope (Physiotherapist), an Australia APA Titled Musculoskeletal and Sports Physiotherapist.

Early in my Physiotherapy career I discovered I really enjoyed learning and applying all I could about treating musculoskeletal conditions and sporting injuries, so attended every short course I could get my hands on. I enjoyed the improved clinical results I achieved with my expanding set of clinical skills, and wanted to continue this.

I started organising short courses for Physiotherapists in 2007, found I love helping other Physios to get better results and enjoy their work more, thus Clinical Edge was born.

To help share great information and access to the world's leading experts on different areas, I created the Physio Edge podcast, and the Clinical Edge online education program in 2010.

I share my time between working in my own clinic in Terrigal, NSW Australia, where I treat a variety of sports and musculoskeletal patients, and providing education through Clinical Edge. In my clinical practice I use a combination of evidence based assessment and treatment, movement analysis, manual therapy, motor control and strengthening, to get clinical results and help me love my job as a Physio.

My passions outside of work include mountain biking every chance I get, surfing, lifting weights and other heavy objects, hiking and playing with my kids.

Where are we located

Clinical Edge is an Australian company, based in Wamberal NSW, a beautiful part of the East Coast of Australia, in between Sydney and Newcastle. We have a lot of fantastic beaches and national parks really close by.

If you would like to contact us, you can email info(at) We have given an actual @ symbol a miss, to try and avoid internet robots "scraping" the email address, but you will need to use a real @ symbol in there.

Our address is 86 Ocean View Dr Wamberal NSW 2260. Our ABN is 15 140 580 123.

David can be located on Twitter at