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  • Unlimited access to online courses
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  • New online courses every month
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  • Automatic CPD Record - Videos, podcasts, conferences & courses
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Questions & Answers

How does the 14 day trial work?

You'll get access to all the resources of Clinical Edge. Nothing is held back. You will receive full access to all online education courses and receive discounts on face to face courses immediately with a free trial membership. To start your free trial membership, simply enter your details and begin enjoying practical education. The trial is completely free, you will not pay a cent until your 14 day trial has finished. You are able to cancel your membership at any point, and at the end of the 14 day trial, your membership will automatically continue at the monthly or annual price.

Why become a Clinical Edge member?

As a Physiotherapist or Physical Therapist, you want to give your patients the best experience and treatment they possibly can, get great treatment results and be positioned as a leader in musculoskeletal or sports treatment in your area. How do you achieve this? Clinical Edge provides you with access to practical presentations from leading presenters, that take you through clues in the subjective that will guide your examination and treatment, give you specific tests to perform in your objective examination, and how to follow up your assessment and diagnosis with the right hands-on techniques, motor control training and strengthening at the right time. You can access these presentations any time you like.

What online education do you have available?

We have a lot of practical, step-by-step training videos that take you through history taking, assessment, diagnosis, differential diagnosis, treatment and exercise progressions for a lot of areas of the body, so that you feel confident in identifying the source of your patients pain, and the knowledge and skills to have great success with your treatment. These include Achilles Tendinopathy, AC Joint Rehabilitation, Ankle Injuries, ACL Rehabilitation, Hamstring injuries, Neurodynamics, Groin injuries, Plantar Fasciopathy, Shoulder pain, Bike Setup, and many more. You can start watching these immediately with a free trial.

Will I be able to access all the online courses and videos with a free trial?

Definitely. You will receive full unlimited access to all online courses and education, and even receive member discounts on face to face courses. You can access as many of these presentations as many times as you like, including new videos that are added every month.

Will I receive course discounts with a free trial membership?

Yes, with your free trial membership you will receive a discount on every face to face course that has a member discount (most face to face courses have member discounts). Your receipts/tax invoices will also be stored for you so you can access these at any time in the future, and courses will be automatically added to your CPD record.

What is the difference between Gold and Platinum membership?

Gold members receive unlimited access to all online courses, new online courses every month, automatic CPD record, course discounts and learning resources.

Platinum members receive all of the benefits of Gold membership, and have additional timesaving resources, including downloadable audio files of all webinars and videos to go along with the handouts, so you can listen to presentations whenever it suits you, monthly research podcasts providing you with the latest evidence and full access to BJSM journal articles.

Some of our success stories

The podcasts have been great for me to continue my CPD on the run - literally…. They have been a brilliant way to distract and keep me going whilst I pound the pavement/dirt track etc. I end my run feeling inspired and usually with some specific practical tips, and I have already worked out who I am going to put them into practice on.

Karine Meadley, Physiotherapist Eden Valley, Australia

I really enjoyed the online shoulder conference. I have been working with elite athletes for a number of years with a special interest in shoulder injuries. It was great to hear the thoughts of some of the world's leaders in this area. I got a lot out of it and would be interested in more events like this. 

Hamish Macauley Australia

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for these recent videos and previous Podcasts.

They are helping me in becoming a more confident, competent and knowledgeable physio, whereby directly having a massive positive impact on my patients' recovery and rehab. Please keep doing what you are doing as you are having a massive impact on 'raising the bar' within  physiotherapy. (October 2016)

James McSharry, Physiotherapist United Kingdom