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Clinical Edge Membership

You'll get access to all the resources of Clinical Edge. Nothing is held back. You will receive full access to all online education courses and receive discounts on face to face courses immediately with a free trial membership. To start your free trial membership, simply enter your details and begin enjoying practical education. The trial is completely free, you will not pay a cent until your 7 day trial has finished. You are able to cancel your membership at any point, and at the end of the 7 day trial, your membership will automatically continue at the monthly or annual price. If you have experienced a free trial previously and you restart you membership, payments will commence automatically as there is only 1 free trial per person.

There are no drawbacks or minimum subscription period, you receive full access to all Clinical Edge resources. You can cancel any time during your free (or paid) membership with 2 business days notice, and we will take no further payments.

As a Physiotherapist or Physical Therapist, you want to give your patients the best experience and treatment they possibly can, get great treatment results and be positioned as a leader in musculoskeletal or sports treatment in your area. How do you achieve this? Clinical Edge provides you with access to practical presentations from leading presenters, that take you through clues in the subjective that will guide your examination and treatment, give you specific tests to perform in your objective examination, and how to follow up your assessment and diagnosis with the right hands-on techniques, motor control training and strengthening at the right time. You can access these presentations any time you like.

You will be on a month by month basis, which will be debited automatically, and can be cancelled at any time (see above). If you become an annual member, your membership will go for one year, after which time your membership will be automatically renewed. You may wish to change from an annual to a monthly or a monthly to an annual membership and you can do this within your dashboard or by emailing us at info(at)

You are able to cancel at any stage by logging into the website and choosing "Cancel subscription".

Anyone with a Health Science degree. The education contained on the site has a certain level of expected knowledge, so you must be a Physiotherapist, Osteopath, Chiropractor, Sports Doctor or Exercise Sports Scientist. Massage therapists and remedial therapists are unable to become members.

No, there are no cancellation fees if you decide to cancel your membership. You just need to cancel in your members dashboard prior to your next payment, and you will not be charged any future membership instalments.

You are able to cancel your membership at any time by logging into choosing "Subscription" from your dropdown menu in the top right, and clicking "Cancel Subscription". Your subscription will suspend automatically at the end of your Free Trial or at the end of the period you have paid for. You will not be charged further payments until you sign up in the future.

Just AUD 59/month (or AUD 599 for an annual membership) for Gold members and AUD 69/month (or AUD690 for an annual membership) for Platinum Members. This works out at less than the price of one course for 12 months worth of great education. It is fully tax deductible if you are currently working as a Physiotherapist, Osteopath or Chiropractor. Membership fees will continue at this rate each month or year (depending on your particular membership level) unless you notify us that you wish to discontinue it.

Please allow 2 business days notice to cancel your membership payment.

After logging in, scroll down to your CPD Record. Click on "Add CPD" and enter the time of your CPD in hh:mm:ss eg 00:30:00 reading BJSM journal articles. You will need to use a semicolon in between the numbers, not a full stop

With a free trial you receive free access to the entire Clinical Edge website for 7 days. Your first monthly or annual payment (depending on which option you chose) will occur after 7 days, and give you further access for 1 month or 1 year (once again depending on the plan you chose). Your next monthly payment will fall due 1 month from the time you upgraded to a paid membership. and will continue on an ongoing monthly basis unless you discontinue the membership.

Once you are a member you can immediately book courses at the discounted rate as well as accessing the online education.

Please log into your dashboard first and then book onto courses through your member dashboard to ensure the discount is calculated at time of booking. This also ensures that all courses you enroll on are automatically recorded in your CPD log.

Please note: Not all courses will have discounts applicable to them. 

  1. Free online education
  2. Free video resources
  3. Free CPD Record (Continuing Professional Development) automatically listing videos watched and courses you have attended. Even add other CPD to your list such as journal reading or in-services to keep it all in one handy location.
  4. Save time on course enrolments with your details already recorded in your member dashboard
  5. Opportunity to experience great online education with no risk

I am certain you’ll find the materials and support on the site to be incredibly valuable for your Physiotherapy practice 

We sure are. You will receive completely free access to all our great online education and resources for 7 days. You are able to book courses from within your free member dashboard, and keep an automated record of all of your CPD - which you can access at any time in the future. Your credit card details will be taken at the time you sign up for your membership, and the first payment will be 7 days after that unless you ask us to stop your membership. 

Sign up for a free trial at and receive immediate access to all member resources, including videos, webinars, audio files, handouts and course discounts. 

Our passion is to provide practical education that you can use immediately in the clinic. We focus on providing you with tools and strategies that you can use with patients on a daily basis.

Clinical Edge is run by Physiotherapists, so we always keep in mind what works in the clinic and what can be applied when designing our education.

When you become a Clinical Edge member, you will have access to the entire library of assessment and treatment videos, full of information vital to your clinical practice.

You will receive two new 20-40 minute videos per month on top of our library of information, with up to date training, practical objectives you can work through, and a totally practical focus. We currently have more than 170 videos available to Clinical Edge monthly and annual members with new content added each month.

Receive treatment information from the leading minds and clinicians in Physiotherapy today. Our presenters have been handpicked, because they have extensive experience and knowledge to share.

You will also automatically maintain a training log of CPD hours - courses attended and videos watched for your registration.

Easy enrolment in any face-to-face courses – simply click on the course you wish to do, enter your payment details and you will be enrolled – as simple as that. This will now show on your member’s dashboard – see the courses you are enrolled in or have completed with the click of a button. 

New videos are released monthly for all Clinical Edge members.

You are able to cancel your membership at any time by logging into choosing "Subscription" from your dropdown menu in the top right, and clicking "Cancel Subscription". Your subscription will suspend automatically at the end of your Free Trial or at the end of the period you have paid for. You will not be charged further payments until you sign up in the future.

Gold members receive unlimited access to all online courses, new online courses every month, automatic CPD record, course discounts and learning resources.

Platinum members receive all of the benefits of Gold membership, and have additional timesaving resources, including downloadable audio files of all webinars and videos to go along with the handouts, so you can listen to presentations whenever it suits you, monthly research podcasts providing you with the latest evidence and full access to BJSM journal articles.

Yes, with your free trial membership you will receive a discount on every face to face course that has a member discount (most face to face courses have member discounts). Your receipts/tax invoices will also be stored for you so you can access these at any time in the future, and courses will be automatically added to your CPD record.

Definitely. You will receive full unlimited access to all online courses and education, and even receive member discounts on face to face courses. You can access as many of these presentations as many times as you like, including new videos that are added every month.

We have a lot of practical, step-by-step training videos that take you through history taking, assessment, diagnosis, differential diagnosis, treatment and exercise progressions for a lot of areas of the body, so that you feel confident in identifying the source of your patients pain, and the knowledge and skills to have great success with your treatment. These include Achilles Tendinopathy, AC Joint Rehabilitation, Ankle Injuries, ACL Rehabilitation, Hamstring injuries, Neurodynamics, Groin injuries, Plantar Fasciopathy, Shoulder pain, Bike Setup, and many more. You can start watching these immediately with a free trial.

Course enrolment

You are able to use Visa or Mastercard debit or credit cards. We do not accept American Express.There are no credit card surcharges.

All membership, conference and course prices listed are in Australian Dollars (AUD)

Yes. Because of administrative and tracking difficulties with offline payments, all payments must now be made online at the time of booking your course. You will automatically receive a receipt/tax invoice upon payment. If you need to claim your payment from your employer, you can do this after you have paid. If you have enrolled on a waiting list, you will not be asked for your credit card details.  

No, this is separate to the online membership resources. You will need to create a User Profile with an email address and password, which will enable you to login at any time in the future to check your CPD record, course enrolment, access the training program resources and download your invoice. This is automatically created when you register for the online conference or training program

If there is a green or yellow flag next to this course under the Upcoming Courses section of the website, saying "Available" or "Almost Full" there are places available. If the course is full, a red "Full" sign will be displayed, and you will be able to enroll on the waiting list for this course.

Face to face course cancellations up to three weeks prior to the course will receive a full refund minus a $200 cancellation fee. Face to face course cancellations received less than three weeks prior to the course receive no refund, but are fully transferable to another person if notification of transfer is received at the same time as the cancellation. 

This $200 credit can then be used for a future course with Clinical Edge or go towards Clinical Edge monthly or annual membership. This credit remains valid for 12 months from the date of the refund.

Cancellations of online course enrolment, eg the Running Repairs online course and Clinical Edge virtual conferences will not receive any refund whatsoever.

All refunds of course fees are refunded directly to the credit card used for the payment. To avoid fraud, no other refund options are available.

We are unable to hold places for people without payment. Your place on a course is only confirmed with full payment.

No. You will receive an automated email on enrollment, but you do not have a place on a course until you are contacted at a later stage by phone and email informing of an available place on your desired course.

Online education technical questions

  1. Login to Clinical Edge 
  2. You must be a Clinical Edge Platinum member to be able to download the audio files
  3. Choose Online Courses from the top menu
  4. Scroll down to Platinum member audio files and click on this
  5. Choose the audio file you would like to download, and click on "Download" or "Play"

You can watch the video below to go through these steps

Platinum Clinical Edge members are able to access and download full BJSM (British Journal of Sports Medicine) articles. This short video takes you through exactly how to access and download articles.

Login at the top of the Clinical Edge homepage - your email and password. Choose "Book and Event" and select the event you would like to book onto. You will have to enter your credit card details for each course you enroll on, as for security purposes, we do not store your credit card details

Yes. The security of your purchase is ensured by an EV SSL 256 bit encryption via GeoTrust, and a fully secure Stripe payment portal ( . 

We recommend using free browsers such as Firefox from , Safari or Chrome (although this browser is a little less stable and you may encourter some streaming problems from some countries ) from for all your web browsing, including the Clinical Edge website. Internet Explorer in general has all sorts of problems with this website and lots of other websites. If you are using Internet Explorer, we recommend using Safari or Firefox.

If you are using Firefox or Safari and your video won't load, this is normally due to your internet bandwidth/connection speed. The easiest way to fix this is to close down other websites that may be using your internet bandwidth, and turning off HD on the video you would like to watch. Our videos are recorded in High Definition (HD) to give you the best viewing experience possible, but you may need to turn this off if your internet connection is not fast enough.

You can do this by clicking on the "HD" on the bottom right of the video you are watching. See below for an example

If you are still having issues, please phone or email us, letting us know the internet browser you are using, whether HD is turned off, and what your specific issue is to info (at) 

Head to the individual online course you would like to view in your members dashboard, and each video series will have a downloadable PDF link at the bottom.

You will need a Broadband connection eg ADSL or ADSL2 to view the videos on a computer at the clinic or at home. Dial-up may work as well. If you are not sure, signup for a free membership, and you will be able to test it on your computer.

You can watch the videos on your mobile or iPad via your 3G or 4G service.

The video host automatically detects your internet connection speed, and provides the appropriate quality of video dependent on your connection speed. eg with ADSL2, you will get an incredibly high quality picture, and with slower speeds, the picture clarity will be varied to provide smooth streaming of the video. Streaming over 3G on your mobile is generally very clear and smooth.

Congratulations on becoming a member! You will now have your own personal dashboard, giving you access to the online courses, webinars and other resources. 

From your personal dashboard, you can view videos, book courses, change your personal details, update your credit card details, search for videos, download podcasts, and print a log of the training you have completed.

Under the "My Events" section of your dashboard, you will be able to see events that you have previously booked onto, as well as upcoming events you are booked on.

On the bottom right corner of each video, there is an option for Settings. Simply choose your desired speed to view the video eg 1.25 or 1.5.


This short video will take you through how to download any of the podcast handouts and resources that are currently available. If the podcast you are interested in does not have links to a handout, it is likely that a handout has not been created for this podcast.