Clinical Edge - Clinical reasoning bootcamp & case studies with David Toomey Clinical Edge - Clinical reasoning bootcamp & case studies with David Toomey

Clinical reasoning bootcamp & case studies with David Toomey

Clinical reasoning bootcamp & case studies with David Toomey

Atten-hut! It’s time to blast your treatment results into orbit with this clinical reasoning bootcamp!

You’ve developed a strong clinical reasoning foundation with the presentations in the Clinical reasoning module, to help you in every aspect of the clinical encounter, from communication to treatment and from diagnosis to management. Now it’s time to hone your skills, and test them under fire, so your clinical reasoning can deliver the patient results you want.

Now available - Presentation 13: Clinical reasoning bootcamp & case studies with David Toomey

In this presentation with David Toomey (Musculoskeletal Physio), you’ll explore real case studies of a knee injury patient and a low back patient. You’ll use your clinical reasoning at each stage of the patient assessment to identify factors that will impact your management, likely diagnoses, and choose which tests you’ll perform. You’ll understand biopsychosocial factors to address, what assessment test results mean, and how they guide your treatment.

You’ll discover:

  • Clear, easy to follow case studies that will build your clinical reasoning abilities and confidence.
  • How to use assessment tests to guide your treatment of acute knee injury and persistent low back pain patients.
  • A 30 second clinical reasoning exercise to clarify your assessment & treatment, even when you’re short on time.
  • A 5 step clinical reasoning process to immediately improve your treatment results.
  • When clinical reasoning forms or a less structured approach work best for you.
  • How to use small clinical reasoning habits to achieve big success with each patient.
  • How you can adopt the clinical reasoning strategies of highly trained, experienced practitioners to clarify and improve your assessment, diagnosis, and treatment.

Aims and Objectives

  • Sharpen and refine the clinical reasoning skills that you have developed during the module.
  • Develop clinical reasoning habits that can continue to grow throughout your treatment career.
  • Adopt a tailor-made clinical reasoning approach and reflection exercises that suit your learning and treatment style.
  • Test your clinical reasoning skills in real-time with case study examples.

In the next presentation, Secret mission part 1 with David Toomey, Nick Kendrick & Paula Peralta, you’ll test and build your clinical reasoning further with a more complex low back and hip pain case study, and adopt the strategies of these experts, so you can set your patients on the path to a speedy recovery.

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