Clinical Edge - Time to ditch boring Powerpoint presentations? Clinical Edge - Time to ditch boring Powerpoint presentations?

Time to ditch boring Powerpoint presentations?

Time to ditch boring Powerpoint presentations?

Have you ever sat through a presentation of dry (or boring to be more precise) Powerpoint slides overflowing with text, read each slide as it came up, and not really had a chance to listen to what the presenter was saying? Or looked at handouts from a presentation, wondered what on earth the presenter was discussing, and wished you'd taken better notes?

If you've ever tried to read a book or newspaper while someone is talking to you, you'll know we can't read and listen at the same time, which is backed up by recent research.

When a presentation contains a lot of text, most of us will end up reading the slides instead of listening. The presenter is really just providing background noise while you read the slides.

If the slides don't contain a lot of text though, how could you look back at your handout later and remember what was in the presentation?

What if you had presentations that used stunning visuals to emphasise and help you remember each point, AND also had incredibly detailed handouts that go along with each presentation?

That sounds great in some fairy world, when in reality it's much quicker to put text on slides, and export those as a handout.

It's time to ditch boring Powerpoint presentations..

Sure, it would be more enjoyable and effective to learn from visually appealing slides AND detailed handouts, but that takes a LOT more time to create.

Guess what? With the new Comprehensive practical training you get both stunning visuals and detailed handouts that complement each other to really help your learning.

You're using your valuable time to improve your skills, and we make sure that it's completely worth every minute you invest into your future. Our focus is on helping you learn practical skills in the most effective and enjoyable way possible.

We have an amazing team of experienced, highly qualified clinicians that love helping you improve your skills and confidence. We spend a lot of time as a team planning and creating each module, presentation & handout to make sure you have everything you need to remember and apply the material, so you can improve your clinical reasoning, treatment results and enjoyment at work.

Experience this revolution in online Physio education by diving into the Comprehensive practical training and Clinical reasoning module now.

Here's an example of a few slides & detailed handout now available in the Clinical reasoning module.

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