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Free shoulder assessment videos

Free shoulder assessment videos

Assessment of shoulder pain patients can be difficult. Are the shoulder special tests you have been taught accurate? What information do these tests actually give us?

Is it important to determine which rotator cuff muscles/structures are affected in shoulder pain patients, and how this will impact exercise selection?

To add to these difficulties, we have the C/sp and T/sp that can contribute to shoulder pain. How can you differentiate neck and shoulder complaints; or those combined?

It is possible to use your shoulder assessment to get a more specific direction with your shoulder rehab. What you need are quick simple tests to help differentiate between different shoulder issues, and guide your treatment.

Jo Gibson and Clinical Edge have put together a series of three evidence-based videos to guide you step by step through your shoulder assessment, so you know exactly what information your tests provide, and gives you a simple approach to shoulder assessment to get you great results with your shoulder pain patients.

[CLICK HERE for your access to this video series, along with the 3 part video series "Frozen Shoulder Assessment & treatment" with Jo Gibson]

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