Clinical Edge - NEW Low back pain module! Clinical Edge - NEW Low back pain module!

NEW Low back pain module!

NEW Low back pain module!

Few diagnoses conjure as much controversy as “non-specific low back pain” (NSLBP).

Many will argue that it’s a terrible term, and in fact we can diagnose specific structures, whilst others say that is simply not possible to diagnose anything in low back pain patients!

Even more frustrating is that when it comes to evidence for treatment of low back pain, there is so much conflicting advice, it sometimes feels like the evidence says that nothing works, leaving you unsure what you’re supposed to do with the low back pain patient in front of you.

You might have picked up some favourite exercises and treatment, but they don’t always work, and it can be frustrating when your patient isn’t improving or reaching their goals.

Manual therapy reduces pain in some patients, but it gets a bad rap, and some patients only get short term pain relief or no improvements at all.

So where does this leave us as clinicians, especially when we want to get the best results for our patients? How do we make sense of and apply the best evidence and still get great results?

With the brand new, comprehensive low back pain module for Clinical Edge members you’ll know:

  • How to be specific with your assessment, diagnosis and management of low back pain, and
  • How to treat low back pain successfully, even when a pathoanatomic diagnosis isn’t possible.

You’ll follow a practical step by step approach that will guide you through how to assess, treat and manage any low back pain patients that walks in your clinic door. You’ll explore:

  • Practical video demonstrations of low back pain assessment tests, so you know which tests to perform with your patients, which tests to avoid, and how to quickly and accurately assess your low back pain patients without stirring up their pain.

  • Video demonstrations of evidence-based low back pain treatment, including exercises and progressions, targeted manual therapy, strength, movement and motor control retraining so you can confidently get your treatment off to a great start, progress your patients treatment as their low back pain improves. You’ll know how to manage complex cases, help your patients through flareups, and get them back to work, sport and the activities they enjoy.

  • Case studies that guide you through how to assess different low back pain patient presentations, and tailor rehab to each patients’ needs, while avoiding cookie cutter approaches, bulls#!t and quackery.

  • Presentations that help you clearly understand low back pain, so that you can apply the evidence to successfully and confidently assess and treat low back pain.

You’ll enjoy presentations as they’re released from the Clinical Edge team of expert clinicians that include:

  • How to overcome common low back pain myths and fears in patients and therapists.
  • How to be specific with your assessment & treatment of NSLBP.
  • Red flags, imaging & when to refer on.
  • How to take a great low back pain subjective examination that will give you likely diagnoses & guide your objective examination.
  • How to comprehensively examine low back pain patients, assess movement, strength and control, diagnose your patients pain where possible, and know how to treat it.
  • How to assess and differentiate lumbar spine, hip and SIJ
  • How to assess neuromechanosensitivity/neurodynamics to identify when it is involved in your patients low back pain.
  • How to tailor your treatment of low back pain patients for maximal results
  • How and when to use targeted, specific manual therapy within a comprehensive rehab program to improve patients pain.
  • How to assess and treat low back pain in athletes and sportspeople.
  • How to get better results with patients that aren’t responding to treatment.

After a lot of time planning the best way to help you with low back pain, the Clinical Edge Education & Presentation team and I are really excited and looking forward to sharing this module with you.

The presentations and videos in this module will give you a new, effective approach to low back pain.

Dive in and start this comprehensive low back pain module now, and improve your assessment and treatment results with low back pain patients.

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