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Phenomenal work as a Physiotherapist

Phenomenal work as a Physiotherapist

The best job in the world

Do you love being a Physio? What makes you get out of bed for work in the morning? Are you going to work because you want to pay the rent and save for a new surfboard or holiday? Quite possibly. But there has to be more, doesn’t there? If it was just about the money, we would probably be doing something far more lucrative than Physiotherapy. In general, I find Physiotherapists are highly motivated to help people improving the quality of their lives, and with the right environment your motivation can flourish.There are a lot of reasons to go to work and stay in your current position that are often far more important than your pay cheque at the end of the fortnight. Here are some reasons I believe are largely responsible for your motivation to get out of bed in the morning.

Passionate work - the “right” caseload

If you thoroughly enjoy treating the type of patients that are on your list for the day, you are definitely on the right track. If you are treating chronic workers compensation patients, when all you can think about is working on the sidelines of a Women’s Beach Volleyball game, how are you going to be passionate about your work? If you are not passionate about your caseload, start making moves to be involved in an area that you enjoy.

Supportive environment

Do you feel supported at work? Do you receive guidance or mentoring from another Physio you respect clinically? It is vital to have someone you can talk through that patient that came in with the irritated C/sp nerve root, or the marathoner with medial tibial stress syndrome that is not responding?

Reflection time

Taking time at the end of the week to reflect on those patients during the week that you have had fantastic success with, and others that haven’t gone exactly to plan.


One of the biggest factors in job satisfaction and feeling loyal to your practice. Are you being supported in growing your clinical and patient management skills? If you feel like you are growing every week, I believe you will have a high level of job satisfaction.

Good pay for a good day’s work

Let’s face it, everyone wants to earn more. Do you feel fairly satisfied with your pay?


Having the space, freedom and time to innovate new methods of working or treating, and improve your workplace. Can you innovate ways to get more of the patients you are passionate about treating?


Where can you take this job?

What opportunities will you have by staying in your job?

What opportunities can you create?

What gives you job satisfaction, and has made you happy in your work environment?

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