Clinical Edge - Improve your assessment, clinical reasoning, treatment skills & results with the new member resources & structured training approach Clinical Edge - Improve your assessment, clinical reasoning, treatment skills & results with the new member resources & structured training approach

Improve your assessment, clinical reasoning, treatment skills & results with the new member resources & structured training approach

Improve your assessment, clinical reasoning, treatment skills & results with the new member resources & structured training approach

Patients with complex presentations can be challenging and enjoyable to treat. Making progress and achieving breakthroughs with complex patients is satisfying and rewarding.

Rapid, significant progress with your more simple patient presentations - ankle sprains, acute back and neck pain patients provides a different type of satisfaction - you make big improvements each session, help them quickly recover and get back to the sports and activities they love.

Our treatment changes patients lives.

Work is so enjoyable and rewarding when you know you are doing the absolute best you can for clients, staying current and innovative with your clinical skills.

How can you stay current and innovative with your clinical skills when you have limited time? How can you provide excellent, tailored treatment for your patients that achieves great results and meets their needs and goals?

New, reimagined Clinical Edge membership

You can thoroughly develop your clinical reasoning, skills, knowledge and treatment from the comfort of your own home or clinic, and fit it around your work schedule with the new Clinical Edge membership.

For more than 12 years we’ve provided online education, podcasts and face to face courses. I love hearing how we’ve helped you with your patients. We’re always looking for ways to help you even more, to keep improving your skills, and developing your knowledge and confidence as a therapist, so have redesigned and expanded Clinical Edge membership.

From today, in addition to all of the current member online courses available, with Clinical Edge membership, you’ll now get access to an innovative new structured training approach, presentations and resources that will thoroughly develop your clinical skills and knowledge.

We’ve employed a new team of expert, titled Physiotherapists who all currently work in clinical practice, are highly experienced, and passionate about their clinical work and sharing their knowledge. As a team, we’ve spent months designing and developing a training approach that includes real case studies, practical insights, physiotherapy experiences and the latest evidence to help you become an expert clinician in the most effective and efficient way possible.

Your Clinical Edge membership presentations will be structured into comprehensive modules, designed to progressively and efficiently improve your skills, clinical reasoning and treatment results in each important clinical area. Each module will build on previous modules to thoroughly develop your skills in all musculoskeletal and sports areas.

This structured training approach available with Clinical Edge membership has been carefully created to support you as a passionate and authentic therapist to become an outstanding clinician and expert. You’ll receive a step by step pragmatic, honest and entertaining framework to guide you through the challenges that you face daily as a front line clinician.

Become an outstanding clinician and expert now with Clinical Edge membership.

Sounds great, what’s the first module?

Targeted questioning and clinical tests, accurate diagnosis and choosing the best treatment for the patient in front of you relies on well developed clinical reasoning. Developing your clinical reasoning will help quickly accelerate your progress towards becoming an expert.

We are commencing our structured training approach today with the Clinical Reasoning module, containing twelve presentations released over twelve weeks that will help you become more efficient and specific with your assessment, accurately diagnose, and guide your treatment. You will know the questions to ask, which tests to perform, and how to analyse this information to provide targeted treatment, and get excellent treatment results.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • How to use clinical reasoning to simplify complex presentations.
  • How to perform an effective and efficient assessment in limited consult times.
  • Clinical patterns of different musculoskeletal, systemic and biopsychosocial presentations that you can recognise in your patient presentations, to help guide your assessment, diagnosis, prognosis and treatment.
  • and much more

Become a Clinical Edge member now to improve your clinical reasoning

Modules after Clinical reasoning

Clinical reasoning is the basis and foundation to progress your clinical skills in all areas, so we start your training here. You’ll take your highly developed clinical reasoning from the first module into the second module on pain and neuroscience. You’ll discover:

  • How to recognise and tailor treatment based on your patients type of pain including nociceptive, neuropathic and mixed pain presentations.
  • How to incorporate pain education into the flow of your clinical exam and treatment without giving your patient the message “It’s all in your head.”
  • Psychosocial influences on pain, and the practical implications on your treatment.
  • How to describe your treatment to patients. Understand how each of your treatments work, mechanisms of action of exercise, manual therapy and education, and harness specific and non-specific treatment effects in an evidence-based way.

Communication will be covered to improve your communication skills, subjective history taking, patient connection, explanations and patient take home messages. You’ll discover the most effective way to structure initial and followup sessions to get great results and save time. You’ll explore modules on red flags and masqueraders, imaging, how to be an evidence-informed practitioner, rehab principles & tailoring rehab programs, before we dive into thorough assessment and treatment of each area of the body.

Do I really get access to all of this with Clinical Edge membership?

Yes, you sure do. Presentations and modules will be released sequentially over time, and as long as you’re a member you’ll receive access to all presentations as they are recorded. Along the way you’ll also get access to live Q&A’s with your Clinical Edge education team, to give you the support you need in your clinical journey.

Who are your presenters?

We have three new Senior Physiotherapy educators and presenters working with Clinical Edge - David Toomey, Jordan Craig and Simon Olivotto.

David Toomey has a Postgrad Diploma in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy, and is currently working clinically and undertaking a PhD in exercise induced hypoalgesia at Auckland University Technology (AUT), New Zealand.

Jordan Craig is an APA Titled Musculoskeletal and Sports and Exercise Physio working in private practice at the Knee Joint Sports Physiotherapy, with professional sporting teams including the FFA Socceroos & Futsalroos and is a lecturer with the School of Medicine at Griffith University.

Simon Olivotto is an APA titled Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist and Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, currently working with the Australian Defence Forces in Sydney, Australia.

Find out more about the new Clinical Edge team by CLICKING HERE.

I’ll have a podcast for you soon too on clinical reasoning where you’ll get to meet the team.

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