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Tendinopathy tips

Tendinopathy tips

How can you identify when your patient's tendon pain is due to inflammatory arthritis or another red flag? Are corticosteroids helpful in tendinopathy treatment? How long will your patients take to rehab and recover from their tendinopathy? These three quick videos with Paul Kirwan (Physiotherapist, HRB Clinical Research Fellow & PhD candidate) directly from his Clinical Edge Tendinopathy webinar will help answer these questions.

Video 1 takes you through identifying red flags such as Psoriatic arthritis or other inflammatory arthritis that may masquerade as tendon pain.

Video 2 will help you explore whether corticosteroids provide you with a "window of opportunity" with decreased pain to then strengthen your patients.

Video 3 gives you tips to help you understand the best treatment for tendinopathy, how long it will take your patients to recover and how to explain the rehab to your patients.

You can explore how to assess and treat tendinopathy with Paul Kirwan's three-part webinar series with a free trial now HERE.

Video 1 - How can you screen for red flags masquerading as tendon pain?

Video 2 - Are corticosteroid injections useful with tendinopathy?

Video 3 - Tendinopathy tips - treatment & rehab timeframes

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