Clinical Edge - Free videos - Lateral hip pain assessment & treatment Clinical Edge - Free videos - Lateral hip pain assessment & treatment

Free videos - Lateral hip pain assessment & treatment

Lateral hip pain can be a nightmare for your patients. It wakes them at night, gives them grief after going for a walk, and be resistant to your best treatment.

Have you ever racked your brains for ideas on why your lateral hip pain patients STILL have pain? Sometimes it can feel like...

"My patient's hip pain is so irritable, I can't seem to do anything without stirring it up!"

"My treatment should be getting their lateral hip pain better by now! I feel like I'm running out of ideas!"

"I'm always tweaking and trying new treatments, and they still aren't getting better. This is SO frustrating! What do I need to do?"

If you have felt like this, you'll love this free video series with Tom Goom.

You'll find out how to skip the common pitfalls and mistakes that stop your patient improving, so you can...

  • Accurately assess and diagnose lateral hip pain patients so you can target your treatment
  • Treat lateral hip pain patients effectively, and enjoy getting the results you want
  • Choose exercises that are exactly what your patient needs
  • Skip treatment & exercises that aggravate your patients lateral hip pain
  • Save years of trial and error treatments
  • Gain treatment skills & exercises that you can use with all your patients

Sign up for this free video series now and avoid the mistakes that are costing you treatment results.