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Achilles Tendinopathy in Runners Update Russell Wright

Tendinopathy treatment has evolved significantly over the past few years. We now know a lot more about utilising loading beyond previous eccentric programs, as well as when and how our patients will best respond to retraining biomechanics.

In this video on Achilles Tendinopathy in Runners, Russell Wright presents a significant update, incorporating the latest research on assessment, differential diagnosis, loading programs, passive treatment, running assessment and retraining. Learn how to approach the different stages of tendinopathy (according to the Continuum of Tendinopathy proposed by Jill Cook and Craig Purdam), different loading programs, as well as how and when your patient can return to running while continuing to progress their treatment.

Watch this video now to make sure your treatment of tendinopathies is up to date, and get some great new treatment ideas.

Part 1 includes

  • Tendinopathy causal factors

  • Load management

  • Tendinopathy continuum (Cook & Purdham 2009)

  • Palpation

  • ROM

  • Testing of achilles load capacity

  • Functional movement testing

Part 2 incorporates

  • Running Assessment

  • Achilles assessment

  • Assessment for Differential Diagnosis

  • Identification of peritenditinis, retrocalcaneal and superficial bursopathy, achilles tears, FHL or plantaris tendinopathy, stress # and referred lumbar spine pain

Part 3 goes further into

  • Further DDx

  • Other important factors that can effect your treatment outcomes

  • Treatment

  • Advice for patients on rest from activities

  • Loading progressions in Stage 1 - settling pain and increasing load tolerance

  • Progressing to the second stage of rehab with more dynamic loading

Part 4 covers

  • Progression through Stages 3 & 4 (final stages) of the rehab and loading program

  • Return to running

  • How to structure your patients training program to incorporate low, medium and high intensity training days

  • Advanced rehabilitation

  • Incorporating elastic loading and plyometrics

  • Ongoing tendon care

  • Other treatment through the final stages

  • Retraining movement patterns

  • Running cues

  • Heel raises and orthotics

  • The use of injections and medications

  • Successful to return to sport and running

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Audio - Achilles Tendinopathy in Runners Update Russell Wright

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