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Acute Ankle Inversion Injuries Russell Wright

Part 1

Inversion ankle injuries are one of those injuries you will see regularly on the sports field and in your clinic, and have a very high recurrence rate. With a lot of structures that can be injured or painful, a lot of inversion injuries are more than just an ATFL sprain. In this video you will learn to identify and differentially diagnose injuries caused by an inversion, surface anatomy, testing and management in the early stages to speed up recovery.

Part 2

What is the best treatment following an acute ankle inversion injury? How can you design a treatment program to speed up recovery? When should you introduce dry needling, joint mobilisation, taping, balance retraining, stretching and strengthening to get the best results?

Part 3

Have you got your patient through the first three days after their ankle injury? Where to next? How are we going to get your patient back to high level sport as quickly as possible? In Part 3 of Acute Ankle Inversion Injuries - Advanced Rehab, Russell Wright takes you through from Day 3 post-injury right through to an advanced level return to sport. Incorporating balance, strength, range of movement, endurance, power, skill, mental application and agility. Get your patients better than pre-injury now!

Acute Ankle Inversion Injuries 01

Acute Ankle Inversion Injuries 02

Acute Ankle Inversion Injuries 03 Advanced Rehab

Acute Ankle Inversion Injuries Handout

Audio - Acute Ankle Inversion Injuries Russell Wright

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