Anterior Hip Pain Exercises

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Anterior Hip Pain Exercises

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What contributes to overload of the anterior hip? How can you incorporate manual therapy, motor control, postural correction and strengthening to address the factors overloading the anterior hip?

Nichole Hamilton presents this video which will help you identify which tissues need to be released, when motor control patterns need to be retrained, the best way to train the deep stabilisers, and how to make your hip rehabilitation functional.

You will learn how to keep the femoral head centred in the acetabulum during movement, how and when to progress hip strengthening, ways of further challenging your patients hip control, and how to tie it all together.

Part 1 covers a review of the biomechanics of the overload, daily habits and postures, soft tissue release and manual therapy, activation of the core and deep stabilisers.

Part 2 further explores learning to centre the femoral head, common mistakes of core stability training, centring the femoral head in the acetabulum during movement, adding proprioceptive challenges and single leg loading.

Part 3 incorporates eccentric psoas control, biomechanical ideas for optimal walking and running, and putting it all together.

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Nichole Hamilton Sunshine Coast QLD, Australia

Nichole Hamilton is an experienced physiotherapist that has worked nationally and internationally since 1997. Nichole has lectured with North Sydney Sports Medicine on hip and pelvic pain. She has also developed the post-operative physiotherapy protocol for arthroscopic hip surgery alongside orthopaedic hip specialist Dr Michael O’Sullivan. Nichole and Dr O’Sullivan have lectured together on post-operative management of hip arthroscopy which has further developed into Nichole’s popular one day course for physio’s “The Irritable Hip”, which is co-ordinated by Clinical Edge. Her course explores conservative and surgical management of hip pain and labral tear, including hip and pelvic biomechanics, exercise prescription and an integrated understanding of different elements that can contribute to hip pain in individual patients.

Nichole established her own clinic on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland in 2007. Further information on Nichole and her practice, Synergy Physio can be found at

Nichole is passionate about education and sharing knowledge and has furthered this with her podcasts, webinars and e-learning with Clinical Edge.

Nichole has presented on numerous occasions for our eLearning program on topics including

- Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

- Assessment of the Pelvis

- Postural Assessment and re-education

- Exercises for Anterior Hip Pain and many more.