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BPPV (Vertigo) Assessment & Treatment

Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) is a common cause of vertigo, and when properly diagnosed responds very well to Physiotherapy treatment.

In this video on BPPV Assessment & Treatment, Dr Shyh-Poh Teo (Geriatrician and Physician), Victoria Sali and Maireed Magee (Physiotherapists) present how you can assess, diagnose, differentially diagnose and treat BPPV.

Vital in the assessment of BPPV is differentiating from central (brain) causes and other causes e.g. vestibular neuritis. This video series will take you through the anatomy of the vestibular system, differential diagnosis, and then how to perform the manoeuvres necessary to treat BPPV.

Part 1

Anatomy of the inner ear

Description of the role of the semi-circular canals in balance

Introduction to BPPV

Part 2 

Patient history - what questions to ask patients with dizziness or vertigo

Differential diagnosis of vertigo - Length of each episode, triggers, associated symptoms

Screening for neurological conditions, VAD, peripheral lesions, migraine

Diagnostic categories of dizziness

Differentiating central (brain) vs peripheral causes

Discussion on smooth pursuit and saccadic eye movements

Part 3

Balance assessment - Four Test Balance Scale

Testing vestibulo-occular reflex - Head impulse test

Dix - Hallpike test

Epley Manoeuvre

Part 4

How to treat BPPV in patients that are unable to achieve enough cervical ROM

Semont and Liberatory Manoeuvre

Treatment for Cupulothiasis and

Self treatment using the Modified Epley Manoeuvre

Evidence to support seeing vertigo patients in your clinic, as opposed to standalone self treatment

BPPV Assessment & Treatment Part 1

BPPV Assessment & Treatment Part 2

BPPV Assessment & Treatment Part 3

BPPV Assessment & Treatment Part 4

Handout - BPPV Video

Audio - BPPV (Vertigo) Assessment & Treatment

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