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Research podcast - Short biceps femoris fascicles and eccentric knee flexor weakness increase the risk of hamstring injury in elite football

Running exposure is associated with the risk of hamstring strain injury in elite Australian footballers

Research podcast - Copenhagen five-second squeeze - a valid indicator of sports-related hip and groin function Thorborg et al. 2016

Clinical Edge Research 006 - Athletic groin pain part 1 a prospective anatomical diagnosis of 382 patients

CE Research Podcast 005 - Cervical Arterial Dissection An Overview And Implications For Manipulative Therapy Practice Lucy Thomas 2016

CE Research podcast 004 - Diagnosis of Acute Groin Injuries A Prospective Study of 110 Athletes

CE Research podcast 003 - The acute-chronic workload ratio predicts injury in elite rugby league players BJSM Online First Hulin et al 2015

CE Research podcast 002 - Iliotibial band syndrome - Falvey et al 2010

CE Research Podcast 001 - Acute Cauda Equina Syndrome Caused by Disk Herniation

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