Clinical Edge - Elbow part 3 - Lateral elbow treatment & rehab progressions with David Pope Clinical Edge - Elbow part 3 - Lateral elbow treatment & rehab progressions with David Pope

Elbow part 3 - Lateral elbow treatment & rehab progressions with David Pope

What is the best way to treat lateral elbow pain? Strengthen it up or calm it down? Mobilise it, stretch it, rest it, push your thumbs or needles into it or put some tape on it? There's lot of treatment options, but what will help you and your patients get the best results?

We want to help our patients recover and get back to enjoying the simple things in life, like pouring a cup of tea, carrying the shopping or doing their job painfree.

In this online course, I help you discover treatment, exercises and progressions you can use to get great results with lateral elbow pain. You'll explore:

Early rehab - Settling pain

  • Irritable patient presentations - How should you start your strengthening program to avoid flaring their pain?
  • 3 key criteria you need to keep in mind with your initial exercises
  • How often should your patient perform their exercises?
  • What exercises can you use initially when your patient has low pain irritability?
  • When will manual therapy help speed up your treatment results?
  • Manual therapy you can use
  • How to teach your patients to perform their own manual therapy and improve painfree grip strength (PFGS)
  • How to incorporate MWM's into a home exercise program
  • Which direction and how much pressure should your patients use with self-MWM's?
  • When your patient has discomfort with elbow movements after performing gripping rehab, how can you make it painfree?

Are your patients as weak as a chicken? Let's help them out

  • How often should your patients perform their exercises?
  • How to help your patients remember and perform their exercises correctly
  • Why is shoulder strengthening important in lateral elbow rehab?
  • How can you incorporate shoulder strengthening into your patients rehab program?
  • Elbow strengthening exercises you can use when your patient has C/sp involvement, referral or radiculopathy
  • Does soft tissue release have a role in the treatment of elbow pain?
  • Are cross-fibre frictions of the wrist extensor tendons useful in lateral elbow pain?

"Strong-arm tactics! The next phase of your rehab"

  • Why overall upper limb strength is so important for elbow pain patients
  • Exercise progressions and increasing upper limb strength
  • Shoulder strength for irritable and non-irritable elbow patients
  • Important aspects of upper limb exercises
  • Progressions to strengthen the wrist extensors and larger muscles
  • When your patient gets pain with exercise progressions or increases in weights used, how can you help to make each step up painfree

Strong as an ox!

  • Higher level strengthening for advanced conditioning
  • Putting together your entire rehab program for elbow pain

This online course is Part 3 in this series on elbow pain. Part 1 explored potential diagnoses and red flags. Part 2 gave you a quick, practical elbow assessment you can use to guide your treatment. Part 3 (this part) takes you through how to apply your assessment with practical treatment strategies. Part 4 (available next week) will provide you with case studies to help you know exactly how it all comes together. Part 5 covers assessment & diagnosis of Anterior & medial elbow pain. To round out this complete series on the elbow, I'll take you through specific exercises you can use to treat anterior and medial elbow pain in Part 6.

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