Hamstring Injuries in Elite Sprinters Merryn Aldridge

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Hamstring Injuries in Elite Sprinters Merryn Aldridge

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How can you progress your athletes from the acute stages of hamstring injury, right through to return to an elite level?

When are they able to start running without risk of reinjury?

What guidelines can you use to know their body and hamstring will cope with full return to sport?

In this presentation "Hamstring Rehab for Elite Sprinters", Merryn Aldridge of Sydney Sports Medicine Centre and NSWIS (NSW Institute of Sport) takes you through the stages of rehab from acute injury (Phase 1) right through to full sprinting (Phase 5). Providing clear guidelines for progression along the way, Merryn's presentation will help you work with your athletes to get them back to sport pain free and injury-free.

Incorporated into this presentation are:

- Lateral Movement Program

- Drills for Neuromuscular Retraining

- Specific Return to Sprinting Program 

- Strength Program

Part 1 goes through short term goals, acute phase, lower limb strength, rehab guidelines and progressions from Phase 1 to Phase 2 (returning to jogging).

Part 2 of this presentation then takes you through Phases 3 to 5, starting to run, building speed and strength, progression points, specific exercises and returning to competition.

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Merryn Aldridge Sydney NSW, Australia

Merryn Aldridge graduated from the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy in 2004. She then spent time in Norway where she completed a Research Masters Degree for injury prevention in adolescent female European handball players.

Currently Merryn works at Sydney Sports Medicine Centre and also works part time at the New South Wales Institute of Sport as rehabilitation and injury prevention service provider and also lecturers part time at the Australian College of Physical Education. Merryn is the current Physiotherapist for the Women’s Under 19 National Basketball Team and one of the physiotherapists for the Australian Junior Track and Field team.

Merryn has particular interest in lumbar spine, pelvis and hip related injuries. She has also created specialised rehabilitation programs that focus on safe return to sport and daily activities. Other areas of experience include muscle energy techniques, post natal, re-training functional core stability and control and yoga.

Merryn has been a state and national 200/400m track and field athlete which initiated her desire to work in sport. Currently she keeps fit by running in the local fun runs.