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Hamstring Rehab Protocol

Hamstring injuries are one of the most common acute injuries in the football codes, as well as other sports. Until recently there has been a paucity of evidence as to the best treatment approach, which prompted Carl Askling et al to research a comparison of treatment protocols.

In this video, David Pope discusses the different protocols studied by Askling et al, demonstrates the various exercises used, and ways of incorporating these into your clinical practice. One of the protocols tested demonstrated a dramatically quicker return to sport and training, and no further hamstring injuries during the rest of the season, even though there is normally high reinjury rates following tears.

During this video, you will learn

  • Criteria to identify hamstring tears

  • Two different hamstring rehab protocols - a conventional protocol (C-protocol) and a lengthening protocol (L-protocol)

  • Details on how to successfully implement these into your practice

  • To identify return to sport timeframes based on injury location, size

  • Two different types of hamstring injuries - and how this will effect return to sport time

  • An effective test to ensure return to full team training is safe

  • When to commence rehab

  • Guidelines for rehabilitation

  • Specific exercises you can use when designing your hamstring programs

  • Expected return to sport timeframes when hamstring tears are not evident on MRI

Hamstring Rehab Protocol 01

Hamstring Rehab Protocol 02

Hamstring Rehab Protocol Handout

Audio - Hamstring Rehab Protocol

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