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Integrating Physio & Yoga with Nichole Hamilton

Integrating Physiotherapy and Yoga with Nichole Hamilton is a step by step video to help you incorporate yoga into your patients rehabilitation. It shows you specific exercises you can use to improve your patients hip and thorax mobility, offloading their knees, lumbar spine, shoulders and thorax while they play sport. The hip and thorax are two key centres of rotation in your body, and with limited mobility, rotational activities such as golf, running, and football may cause rotation at the lumbar spine or knees to compensate, contributing to overload and pain. You will discover exercises to maintain the improvements in mobility you achieved with your manual therapy or dry needling, and change your patients' movement, function and pain during activity.

Do your patients currently perform yoga but have wrist, shoulder, back or knee pain during their class? You will explore common exercises and postures (asanas) in yoga practice, and how to assess and modify these. Help your patients become painfree in down dog, plank, side plank, cobra, lotus, long sitting, triangle poses, back bend and lunge positions such as warrior.

Nichole also explores how to adapt your patient's yoga practice if they have a gluteal or hamstring tendinopathy, low back pain or hip pain to avoid tendon irritation.

As a bonus, you will also discover quick, effective mindfulness and breathing techniques you can use with your chronic pain, stressed or anxious patients.

This is a comprehensive video series on integrating Physiotherapy and yoga, and will help you achieve great results with your patients, whether they are office workers, sportspeople or yoga practitioners.

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