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The October 2019 Q&A covered:

  • What are the best S&C exercises for injury prevention/improving performance that runners can do at home with minimal equipment?
  • Is time under tension still used in S&C? How does this change when treating a lower limb tendon compared to a muscle strain? What are the recommended dosages?
  • Can I get a patient with non acute back pain to deadlift, squat or do chinups for their rehab? If so, at what stage?
  • What are good regressions for common S&C rehab exercises we could provide for a patient with low back pain?
  • How can you use clinical reasoning in your choice of exercise for low back pain patients?

The September 2019 Q&A covered:

  • Strength & conditioning (S&C)
  • How can I strengthen active 50-60 year old patients with knee OA?
  • How frequently should patients perform their exercises?
  • Should patients perform exercises that are painful?
  • How can I figure out a starting weight for my patient's strength exercises?
  • What's the best way to progress strength exercises eg a deadlift? Increase reps, sets or the weight?
  • Thoracic outlet syndrome

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Strength & conditioning Q&A - 23 October 2019

Audio - Strength & conditioning Q&A - 23 October 2019

Handout - Strength & conditioning Q&A - 23 October 2019

Strength & conditioning Q&A - 25 September 2019

Audio - Strength & conditioning Q&A - 25 September 2019

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