Clinical Edge - Mentoring session October 2021 Clinical Edge - Mentoring session October 2021

Mentoring session October 2021

As a new graduate Physio it can feel like there is an insurmountable amount of knowledge and evidence to acquire to successfully treat patients. Five or ten years after Uni, we have acquired a lot of tools in our treatment toolbox, but are often searching for the best way to use clinical reasoning in our treatment and improve our results, or wonder what direction we want to go with the rest of our career.

In this Clinical Edge member mentoring session, the Clinical Edge education & presentation team, including Simon Olivotto (Specialist Musculoskeletal Physio, FACP), Paula Peralta (Specialist Sports Physio, FACP) and David Toomey (NZ Musculoskeletal Physio, PhD Candidate) share clinical tips and insights for new graduates and experienced Physios to help improve your enjoyment and success at work.

We answer member questions including:

  1. A recent Cochrane review revealed limited quality evidence for exercise as an intervention for decreasing pain scores. Is there evidence for exercise in our treatment? We reveal whether the evidence supports exercise in our treatment, and how to choose and target your exercise to improve pain in each of your individual patients.
  2. How to best manage patients with non-radicular back pain.
  3. Likely diagnoses and how to manage elderly patients with radiating hip and leg pain +/- neuro symptoms.

Watch this member mentoring session now to dive into these tips for new and experienced practitioners and find out the answer to these member questions.

The next Member mentoring session with the Clinical Edge education & presentation team will be held on November 18. Log into your Clinical Edge member dashboard to register and submit your questions now.

Mentoring session


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