Clinical Edge - Posterior thigh pain - differential diagnosis with Nick Kendrick Clinical Edge - Posterior thigh pain - differential diagnosis with Nick Kendrick

Posterior thigh pain - differential diagnosis with Nick Kendrick

Improve your assessment, diagnosis, prevention and management of hamstring injuries.

When your patient presents with posterior thigh pain, how will you diagnose if they have a hamstring strain injury (HSI), proximal hamstring tendinopathy (PHT), neural irritation, gluteal tendinopathy? How can you identify pain referral from the lumbar spine, SIJ or hip, ischiofemoral impingement, hamstring myositis ossificans, or another cause?

If you treat a patient with neural irritation, myositis ossificans, lumbar or hip joint referral with a HSI rehab program, it’s likely you’ll aggravate their symptoms. How can you arrive at an accurate diagnosis, use your diagnosis to guide treatment, and improve your treatment results?

Improve your posterior thigh pain assessment, diagnostic accuracy and confidence with this online course with Nick Kendrick. In this course you’ll discover:

  • Differential diagnosis of
  • Hamstring strain injuries (HSI)
  • Lumbar somatic referred pain
  • Neural irritation
  • Gluteal tendinopathy
  • Proximal hamstring tendinopathy (PHT)
  • Biceps femoris tendinopathy
  • Ischiogluteal bursitis
  • Ischiofemoral impingement
  • SIJ referred pain
  • Hamstring avulsions
  • Adductor magnus strain
  • Hamstring myositis ossificans
  • Pain referral from the hip
  • Less common causes
  • Tumours & malignancy
  • Vascular causes including iliac artery endofibrosis, aortic stenosis & circumflex vein thrombosis
  • Multiple diagnoses
  • You’ll discover how to clinically reason through your patients pain, and use the history, physical examination and treatment to confirm your diagnosis

As a bonus, to help you prevent and treat hamstring strain injuries, you’ll receive an additional detailed handout that includes:

  1. Hamstring injury return to play (RTP) rehabilitation planner
  2. Pre-season injury prevention program you can immediately implement with your athletes
  3. Mid-season injury prevention program

In the next presentation, you’ll explore evidence-based and novel approaches to hamstring strain injury rehab with Jordi Vicens Bordas.

Posterior Thigh - Pain Differential Diagnosis with Nick Kendrick



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