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Shoulder Impact Injuries

Andrew Ryan is a man that has seen a few shoulder impact injuries in his time covering rugby and now as one of the Australian Qantas Wallabies physio. In this weeks video on "Impact Injuries to the Shoulder" Andrew presents using his on and off-field experience assessing shoulders.

Covering differential diagnosis, grading and return to sport for the shoulder injuries you are likely to encounter while on the sidelines or in your clinic.

Objectives and questions

  • What objective shoulder tests will be positive with an AC Joint disruption?

  • Pain over the spine of scap on RIMT Shoulder ER could indicate.....?

  • Glenohumeral Joint

  • What clues in the history will guide you to suspect a subluxation

  • How can specific weakness or tears of subscapularis be picked up in your objective tests

  • How can you diagnose SLAP lesions on field?

  • What effect will the long head of biceps have on SLAP lesions

  • What sensory results will indicate there is auxiliary nerve involvement after a dislocation?

  • What imaging is appropriate after a shoulder dislocation?


  • SC Joint palpation

  • AC Joint palpation

  • Horizontal extension

  • IR RIMT hand on stomach and behind back

  • Crank test

  • O'Brien's test

Shoulder Impact Injuries 01

Shoulder Impact Injuries 02

Handout - Shoulder Impact Injuries

Audio - Shoulder Impact Injuries

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