Clinical Edge - Pelvis assessment and treatment with Dr LJ Lee Clinical Edge - Pelvis assessment and treatment with Dr LJ Lee

Pelvis assessment and treatment with Dr LJ Lee

In this series of videos, Dr. Linda-Joy (LJ) Lee introduces some of the principles and techniques to assess and treat the pelvis.

Over the first four videos in this series, LJ introduces the whole body assessment framework of “Meaningful Task Analysis (MTA)” (Lee LJ 2008), and demonstrates the pelvis assessment techniques to rule-in or rule-out the pelvis as the Primary Driver for your client’s problem. This process allows you to more effectively decide when to treat the pelvis, and when not to – creating more efficiency in your clinical practice and improving outcomes. LJ also demonstrates the connections between the pelvis & the thorax, the knee, and the foot-ankle complex.

In Videos 5 and 6, the Treatment Principles are briefly outlined, followed by demonstration of techniques to release specific muscles around the pelvis and restore optimal mobility, alignment, and create options for new strategies.

In Videos 7 and 8, LJ provides an overview of the 3 phases of treatment , and demonstrates assessment of the abdominal wall and back muscles in order to facilitate exercise prescription for Phase 1 training of new strategies for pelvis mobility and control.

ConnectTherapy™ & The Pelvis [Video 01] - Assessment

ConnectTherapy™ & The Pelvis [Video 02] - Assessment

ConnectTherapy™ & The Pelvis [Video 03] - Assessment

ConnectTherapy™ & The Pelvis [Video 04] - Assessment

ConnectTherapy™ & The Pelvis [Video 05] - Treatment

ConnectTherapy™ & The Pelvis [Video 06] - Treatment

ConnectTherapy™ & The Pelvis [Video 07] - Treatment

ConnectTherapy™ & The Pelvis [Video 08] - Treatment

Audio - ConnectTherapy™ & The Pelvis Videos with Dr LJ Lee

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