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Upper Limb Neurodynamics

What is the link between tendinopathy and neurodynamics in the upper limb?

How can you distinguish if the upper limb nerves are causing symptoms that imitate a tendinopathy?

What is the surface anatomy of the upper limb pathways, and what muscles impact on neural mobility of the upper limb?

In this video on upper limb tendinopathy and neurodynamics with David Pope, we explore when decreased neural mobility is impacting or imitating a tendinopathy. Loads of patients present with wrist flexor or extensor origin pain, and being able to assess when neurodynamics are the cause of, or contributing to their pain will make a huge difference in your success with these patients. Covering nerve pathways, surface anatomy and palpation, testing and treatment, this is your guide to the upper limb nerves.

Part 1 covers assessment considerations and symptoms, Median Nerve assessment and treatment, as well as Radial Nerve assessment.

In Part 2, we cover treatment of the Radial Nerve, as well as assessment and treatment of the Musculocutaneous Nerve and Ulnar Nerve.

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Upper Limb Neurodynamics Handout

Audio - Upper Limb Neurodynamics

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