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Webinar - Footwear and strengthening for runners with Dr Rich Willy

Discover how to advise your runners on footwear, how to perform strengthening for runners, and how to incorporate a return to running program for your injured runners.

This webinar follows on from, and adds to the webinars - “How to perform a running assessment” and “Treatment of runners and running retraining” with Dr Rich Willy.


  • How does foot type affect footwear prescription?
  • Which types of shoes result in the lowest injury rates?
  • Who is, and who definitely isn’t suitable for minimalist shoes?
  • How does shoe drop affect injury rates?
  • Which shoes should you recommend to your runners?
  • When should your runner avoid a supportive or varus wedged shoe?
  • Does strengthening result in increased or decreased running performance?
  • Which exercises and repetition range are effective for strengthening runners?
  • Are there negative effects of strength training on running efficiency?
  • Should runners stretch?
  • Stretching or strengthening?
  • How can we balance collagen degradation/synthesis to improve tendon strength?
  • How can we strengthen tendons?
  • How often should we run and load tendons to strengthen the tendon and minimise collagen breakdown?
  • What effect does aging have on tendon, and how does this affect your runners?
  • How can non-functional exercises become functional?
  • High or low load programs for PFJP?

Return to running programs

  • What order should you include strength training, plyometrics, walking and running?
  • What cross training options can you use?
  • What are important considerations specifically when returning foot, ankle and knee injuries to running?
  • Which injured areas are more suitable for treadmill vs overground running?
  • When should strength training be performed - on rest/cross-training  or running days?

Webinar - Footwear and strengthening for runners with Dr Rich Willy

Handout - Footwear and strengthening for runners webinar with Dr Rich Willy

Audio - Footwear and strengthening for runners with Dr Rich Willy

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