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Webinar - How to develop great patient communication skills

Communication may be the MOST IMPORTANT part of your entire patient treatment. Your communication skills make the difference between a patient connecting with you, understanding your explanation and performing their exercises, or unfulfilling patient interactions, low adherence to exercises and poor treatment outcomes.

Have you experienced patients that just won't perform their exercises, no matter how many times you explain that it is a vital part of them getting better, or insist on just having a massage? What can you do when you have difficult or angry patients, or patients that just want to talk and talk, and talk some more about fairly unrelated topics? How can you diffuse or address unhelpful patient beliefs about their pain?

If you have, this is the communication masterclass you have been waiting for.

You will discover: :

  • How you can take a great subjective history, to get all of the information you need

  • how you can improve your communication skills to motivate your patients

  • The best ways to explain your diagnosis & treatment to your patients

  • How to address patient detrimental beliefs about their pain

  • The best tools to change beliefs

  • What should be covered in the first consultation in order to get patient buy in

  • How to deal with patient treatment expectations when patients only want passive or unhelpful treatments

  • How to manage psychosocial issues in an appropriate manner

  • How to get buy-in from patients to commit to an exercise program

  • How to improve patient compliance

  • Understanding the brain, and the importance of addressing the pre-frontal cortex in your communication

  • How to develop rapport and good subjective skills

  • How to communicate with difficult patients

  • How you can improve your patient learning

  • And much more

How to develop great patient communication skills

Handout - How to develop great patient communication skills

Audio - How to develop great patient communication skills

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