Clinical Edge - Webinar- ITB Syndrome Clinical Edge - Webinar- ITB Syndrome

Webinar- ITB Syndrome

In the webinar you will discover

  • Sources of lateral knee pain
  • Subjective clues that your patient's pain is related to their ITB
  • Pathology - what is the pathology and which structures are actually irritated with ITB pain
  • Anatomy of the ITB

Objective assessment

  • Which tests you can perform for ITBS (ITB Syndrome) diagnosis
  • What is the evidence for these tests
  • Differential diagnosis of ITBS from lateral meniscus, patellofemoral pain, LCL, neural tension, superior Tib-Fib joint and Lumbar spine


  • What is the evidence for treatment of ITBS
  • What strengthening can you perform
  • Which stretches have evidence
  • Running modification
  • Which factors are correlated with development of ITBS
  • Should your patients stop running
  • Massage or dry needling
  • Cortisone injection

Webinar - The latest evidence on distal ITB pain

Handout - ITB Webinar

Audio - ITB Syndrome

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