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Webinar - Treatment of runners & running retraining with Dr Rich Willy

This webinar is the second in a series of 3 from Dr Rich Willy on the Assessment and treatment of running injuries.

Dr Rich Willy will discuss how you can incorporate your running assessment findings from Part 1 into a treatment program, running gait retraining and return to running.


  • How can you incorporate gait retraining in clinical practice for the best results?
  • How much feedback should you provide with gait retraining?
  • How to incorporate mirror gait retraining into practice
  • How often should your runners train when returning to sport
  • A running program for returning to running following tibial stress fracture, severe patellofemoral pain or ITBS
  • When is running retraining suitable for your patient - what pain levels, how much are they able to run
  • What is overstriding and how does it contribute to PFJP, patellar tendinopathy, plantar fasciopathy and other injuries?
  • How can you address overstriding?
  • What increases your runners risk of stress fractures?
  • What influences patellofemoral loads?
  • What influence does step length have on hip adduction?
  • Commencing gluteal and hamstring strengthening
  • Treating recurrent tibial stress fractures
  • Which runners benefit from increased cadence, and who doesn’t? Hint: it’s not who you think
  • Crossover mechanics - what is it, and what apps help you capture and identify it
  • How Crossover mechanics contribute to ITBS, tibial stress fractures and 4th and 5th metatarsal stress injuries
  • How to reduce crossover mechanics

The next webinar from Dr Rich Willy will cover footwear for runners, and how you can identify and recommend the best footwear. You will also discover strengthening exercises to incorporate into your runners rehab programs. Coming soon…..

Webinar - Treatment of runners & running retraining with Dr Rich Willy

Handout - Running gait retraining part 2 with Dr Rich Willy

Audio - Treatment of runners & running retraining with Dr Rich Willy

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