Clinical Edge - Physio Edge 098 How to use strength training in your treatment with David Joyce Clinical Edge - Physio Edge 098 How to use strength training in your treatment with David Joyce

Physio Edge 098 How to use strength training in your treatment with David Joyce

Strength training can be used in your treatment and rehab programs to improve your patients strength, load capacity, function & pain, so they can get back into work and the activities they enjoy. In your athletic patients, strength training can be used to help restore power and speed, which are vital for sporting performance.

Would you like to include more strength training in your treatment, but aren’t completely sure about the most effective ways to build strength? Which exercises can you use? How many sets and reps should your patients perform? Will 3 sets of 10 reps build strength effectively? What is power training, when should you focus on improving power, and how can you incorporate power training?

In this podcast with David Joyce - Sports Physiotherapist, S&C expert and co-author of High performance training for sports, and Sports injury prevention and rehabilitation, you will discover:

  • How to use strength training with your patients
  • The most effective ways to help your patients develop strength
  • Set and rep ranges for strength improvements
  • Recent developments in S&C
  • What is power & power training, and how does this compare to strength?
  • When should your patients work on improving power vs strength
  • How to improve power using different areas on the force/velocity curve
  • Power development using bodyweight and barbell exercises
  • Calf strengthening
  • How to incorporate velocity/explosiveness training
  • When are higher reps useful?
  • Does endurance training with higher reps carryover to improved running or cycling
  • When your patients are performing deadlifts or squats, what elements should you monitor?
  • Do biomechanics in a deadlift or squat matter?
  • What rest periods should be used to help develop strength, while maintaining an efficient training routine
  • What is strength training vs conditioning?
  • How can patients perform conditioning for improved fitness?
  • Should conditioning be incorporated into strength training sessions for maximum improvements in strength?
  • Should exercises and sets be performed to temporary muscular failure (when the bar is unable to be lifted for another repetition)?
  • Resources to help improve your strength & conditioning

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