Physio Edge 004 Hip Injuries & Labral Tears

Acetabular Labral tears in the hip are becoming more commonly diagnosed and operated on. In this episode, I chat to Nichole Hamilton, a Physio with a lot of experience treating hips, designing post-op arthroscopic hip protocols and lecturing about the hip. Some nice insights into hip injuries and diagnosing and treating labral tears.

This week we talk about all sorts of issues around the hip, including:

  • Diagnosing labral tears
  • Labral tear symptoms
  • What causes a labral tear?
  • Activities that contribute to labral tears
  • When is surgery required for labral tears
  • When is conservative treatment a good option
  • Kicking sports - what muscle control is required
  • What is the role of psoas
  • Dancers - what activities and positions load the labrum
  • How can maximum hip range of movement be attained safely
  • Posterior pelvic tilt or tuck - how does this relate to the hip
  • Progressing exercises to incorporate functional positions

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