Physio Edge 007 Dry Needling With Andrew Hutton

Dry Needling has become incredibly popular in Physiotherapy recently. Is dry needling really the way forward for Physios?

In this podcast I chat with Andrew Hutton of Integrated Dry Needling, presenter of the Sports Integrated Dry Needling Level 1 and Level 2 courses for Clinical Edge, and we discuss dry needling and whether it complements regular Physio treatment.

Some of the topics we cover include

  • What are the different styles of dry needling?
  • How can dry needling be used in sporting populations?
  • How to know immediately if your needling has been effective
  • What is the evidence for dry needling
  • Studies show decreased ROM with needling, is it possible to improve ROM with dry needling
  • How does changing ROM actually relate to a patient’s pain?
  • Some clinical scenarios where dry needling could be incorporated

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