Physio Edge 009 Lateral Hip Pain With Dr Alison Grimaldi

Patients regularly present for Physiotherapy with lateral hip pain. This is often aggravated by walking or standing, sidesleeping, performing hip stretches, and sitting, amongst other activities, and lateral hip pain can often mimic lumbar spine pathology. In this podcast, Alison and I discuss symptoms, assessment and treatment of an extremely common cause of lateral hip pain – Glute Med Tendinopathy (GMT), a condition which is often misdiagnosed as Trochanteric Bursitis.

Some of the aspects we explore in this podcast are:

  • Subjective clues that someone may have a Glute Med Tendinopathy

  • “Trochanteric Bursitis”

  • Differentiating Glute Med Tendinopathy from pain of Lumbar origin

  • Assessment of the hip

  • Tests to confirm or rule out a Glute Med Tendinopathy

  • Causes of a Glute Med Tendinopathy

  • Advice for patients

  • Treatment of Glute Med Tendinopathy

  • Deep hip muscle activation

  • Essential elements for an effective treatment program much more

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