Physio Edge 010 Biomechanics Of Running With Blaise Dubois

Barefoot running has been sweeping the globe in the last few years, and as a Physio, which of your patients are best suited to this type of running technique. How does running technique relate to a runner’s pain and dysfunction, and really, what is the ideal running technique?

In this podcast with Blaise Dubois – a Physiotherapist with a clinic, website and courses devoted to helping runners and Physiotherapists that treat runners, we chat about these topics, as well as:

  • Running assessment
  • Biomechanics of running
  • Improving running technique and performance
  • Which patients should change their running technique
  • Barefoot running
  • Heelstrike and landing
  • Current evidence on running technique
  • Injury prevention in runners
  • Downhill running technique
  • Footwear for running
  • Improving running in patients with pathology eg Achilles Tendinopathy
  • Blaise has also been kind enough to provide a PDF handout to go along with this podcast, which is available for free download –

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