Physio Edge 014 Chronic Low Back Pain With Peter O Sullivan

What is contributing to your patients low back pain? How do you know when manual therapy, education, exercise, motor control programs, CBT or any other approach for chronic LBP will be helpful? In episode 14 of the Physio Edge podcast, Peter O’Sullivan and David Pope discuss chronic low back pain, Peter’s research into this area, and the approach of Peter and his team to getting over chronic low back pain. Some of the topics we dug into include:

  • Causes, classification and treatment of chronic low back pain (CLBP)
  • Common treatment errors
  • Identifying mechanical contributors
  • When manual therapy is helpful
  • Myths around “core stability” for CLBP
  • What is the current evidence base for CLBP classification and treatment
  • Tips for treatment of CLBP
  • A lot of other great treatment advice for CLBP….

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Peter O’Sullivan at Curtin University (image of Peter O’Sullivan courtesy of Curtin University)

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