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Physio Edge 019 Hamstring Strength, Flexibility And Injury Reduction

Physio Edge 019 Hamstring Strength, Flexibility And Injury ReductionInjury reductionRehabilitation – early stages, and return to sportReturn to SportFlexibilityEccentric trai…

What are the best ways to avoid hamstring injuries? What are the main factors to consider in hamstring rehabilitation? How does muscle strength relate to hamstring injury? How can we screen for or predict hamstring injuries?

In episode 19 of the Physio Edge podcast, Kieran O’Sullivan, PhD of the University of Limerick, Physiotherapist and co-author of the book “The role of muscle strength in hamstring injury.” Kieran O Sullivan and Cian McGinley. 2010. Nova Publications and David Pope get stuck into hamstrings and the many facets of this important muscle group, including:

  • Injury reduction
  • Rehabilitation – early stages, and return to sport
  • Return to Sport
  • Flexibility
  • Eccentric training
  • Predicting hamstring injury
  • Assessing readiness of return to sport
  • Stretching – Static vs Dynamic vs PNF etc, and the clinical implications

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