Physio Edge 026 Gymnastics Injuries With Kingsley Gibson

Gymnastics places some fairly unique demands on fairly young bodies. In episode 26 of the Physio Edge podcast, I discuss these demands with Kingsley Gibson, a Sports Titled Physiotherapist that has worked with Australian Diving, Synchronised Swimming, Shooting and Hockey teams at a number of Commonwealth and Olympic games, and works with elite gymnasts on a daily basis. For his services to gymnastics, in 2000 the Commonwealth awarded Kingsley with a Sports Services Medal. So Kingsley has a lot of experience to draw on, and we got into detail on a number of topics.

In this podcast we discuss:

  • Common injury patterns in the various gymnastic disciplines

  • Important factors to consider when returning gymnasts to training and competition

  • Factors that can influence your gymnasts treatment outcome

  • Communication with parents and coaches

  • How to best implement load management strategies

  • Various motor control patterns in gymnasts that contribute to injuries

  • Screening gymnasts

  • Designing specific upper limb rehab programs

  • Lower limb and lumbar spine rehab programs

  • Management of acute vs chronic injuries

  • Stress reactions in the Lumbar spine

  • Apophyseal injuries – hip flexors, hamstrings, calcaneus (Sever’s) and Osgood-Schlatter’s

  • Management of apophyseal injuries compared to tendinopathy

  • Motor control/“stability” patterns in gymnasts

  • When to order imaging

  • Growth plate injury management – particularly in the wrist

  • The effect of other factors such as training surfaces and equipment on injury

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