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Physio Edge 029 Acute Knee Injuries With Kurt Lisle

Physio Edge 029 Acute Knee Injuries With Kurt Lislecute Ligament Injuries - Initial managementWhen to refer for Orthopaedic consultBracing/not bracingAdolescent knee injuries - whe…

Acute Ligament injury, ACL injuries, Postero-lateral corner (PLC) Injuries, Knee Surgery and return to sport.

On Episode 29 of the Physio Edge podcast, David Pope is joined by the Australian Socceroos Physio Kurt Lisle, a Specialist Sports Physiotherapist to discuss assessment and management of Acute knee injuries.

On this podcast, David and Kurt discuss:

  • Acute Ligament Injuries - Initial management
  • When to refer for Orthopaedic consult
  • Bracing/not bracing
  • Adolescent knee injuries - when to refer for XR to check for an avulsion injury
  • Swelling during and after treatment
  • ACL injury - when to trial conservative management and when to refer for surgery
  • Timeframes for surgery following ACL injury
  • Different types of ACL grafts - pros and cons
  • LARS
  • Hamstring vs ITB tendon vs Patella tendon
  • Open chain X’s eg leg extensions to restore quads and patellar tendon load capacity?
  • Important aspects of post op rehab
  • Return to training/change of direction criteria
  • RTP criteria
  • PLC
  • Details of PLC injuries
  • Mechanism
  • Structures normally injured
  • Symptoms
  • Testing for PLC injuries
  • Conservative vs surgical
  • Rehab guidelines
  • RTP timeframes

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