Physio Edge 037 Pilates Beyond Low Back Pain With Lana Johnson

Pilates is commonly known and used for rehabilitation of persistent low back pain, however Pilates principles and equipment can also be used for assessment and treatment of pain beyond the pelvis and lumbar spine.

In episode 37 of the Physio Edge podcast, Lana Johnson, a former dancer and a Physiotherapist from BPS Tensegrity in Sydney and I discuss how you can use Pilates for knee and shoulder pain, as well as:

  • Common misconceptions about Pilates
  • Functional vs non-functional exercises
  • Common errors made in Pilates training and rehabilitation
  • Pilates for hip and knee pain
  • Case studies using Pilates with shoulder and knee pain patients
  • Patient progression
  • Cues you can use with your patients for hip and shoulder retraining
  • Exercise progressions
  • Exercises to stay away from

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