Clinical Edge - Rotator cuff revealed! with Jo Gibson Clinical Edge - Rotator cuff revealed! with Jo Gibson

Rotator cuff revealed! with Jo Gibson

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When a patient comes in to see you with shoulder pain, how can you be confident that you’re accurately assessing and identifying the cause of your patients pain, and know how to treat their shoulder pain successfully?

Find out in this free webinar for health professionals - “Rotator cuff revealed: Rehab and reasoning” with Jo Gibson (Upper Limb Rehabilitation Specialist Physio).

You’ll discover:

  • When the rotator cuff is responsible for patients’ shoulder pain.

  • How to assess and diagnose your patients shoulder pain, including when it’s:

    • Torn
    • Stiff
    • Irritable
    • “Not a shoulder” ie pain referred from another source such as the C/Sp
  • Rotator cuff tears:

    • How to identify when patients shoulder pain is due to a rotator cuff tear.
    • How to avoid a common pitfall therapists make with rotator cuff tears.
    • When rotator cuff tears are relevant, and when they’re irrelevant.
    • When to refer patients for imaging or a surgical opinion.
  • Exercises you can use to rehab patients with rotator cuff related shoulder pain and rotator cuff tears.