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Free sports injury videos

Limited Time Only - Improve your results treating patients with sports injuries

Would you like to improve your assessment and treatment of sports injuries?

Are you getting the treatment results and outcomes you would like with groin pain, tendinopathy, knee injuries, shoulder or back pain from sport? Would you like to help your patients recover and get back to sport as quickly as possible? There has been a lot of great research done on sports injuries recently, and staying up to date on this research and incorporating it into your practice makes a huge difference to your patient success and your enjoyment treating it.

For a short time we have three free sports injury assessment and treatment videos for you, providing you with practical assessment & treatment techniques that you can use with your sports injuries patients. I want to help you stay up to date, become more confident in your assessment and get great results.

Your free videos contain practical clinical information from the leaders in sports injuries, including:

  • Dr Ebonie Rio - Tendinopathy: Thou shalt load, but how?
  • Jack Hickey - Objective strength assessment in hamstring strain injuries
  • Dr Adam Weir - Groin pain in athletes: anatomy and diagnosis
  • Dr Michael Rathleff - Managing kids with patellofemoral pain
  • Jo Gibson - AC Joint injuries in the sporting shoulder
  • Prof Bill Vicenzino - Tennis Elbow

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Your first sports injury video is available now

Two of the most commonly requested areas for webinars and podcasts are tendinopathy and hamstring strain injuries. In your first free sports injury video, available now, you have Dr Ebonie Rio and Jack Hickey addressing these two areas.

Dr Ebonie Rio is a researcher at Latrobe University and clinician currently working at the Victorian Institute of Sport. She has an interest in understanding how pain and neuroscience can improve our management of musculoskeletal conditions. She has a wealth of experience clinically working at the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS), winter Olympics and Australian Ballet.

Jack Hickey completed his Bachelor of Applied Science in Human Movement and Masters of Clinical Exercise Physiology. He is currently completing his PhD with the hamstring injury research group at ACU Melbourne, focused on objective monitoring of hamstring muscle structure and function, and alternative guidelines for exercise progression during rehab.

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Dr Ebonie Rio will help you explore tendinopathy, the different types of load on a tendon, including compression, tensile, shear/friction, and how this affects your treatment. Along with an increased understanding of loads contributing to tendinopathy, this video will help improve your knowledge and confidence when explaining tendinopathy and the recovery process to your patients.

Jack Hickey will help you discover how to objectively assess strength and readiness for exercise progression following a hamstring injury. Jack will take you through the latest research, pros and cons of the current strength measures, and a new way to measure strength throughout your hamstring rehab.

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I think you are going to love these presentations, so please let me know your thoughts and questions in the comments on the video page.

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