Clinical Edge - Comprehensive practical member training Module 3 - Communication Clinical Edge - Comprehensive practical member training Module 3 - Communication

Module 3 - Communication

Module 3 in your structured training will improve your communication skills, subjective history taking, explanations and patient take home messages.

You’ll also discover:

  • The most effective way to structure initial and followup sessions to get great results and save time.
  • How to fix common errors in patient communication and language.
  • How to motivate patients to complete their rehab.
  • How to resolve conflict in your workplace.
  • Ethics and medicolegal considerations that'll keep you safe at work.
  • How to fit CPD into your work week
  • Time management tips for therapists


1. Effective communication - unlocking your clinical superpowers with David Toomey

Discover communication strategies, practical tips & case studies that’ll turn communication into your clinical superpower. ...

1 Hr 20 Min 1 Videos

2. Mastering CPD for clinical success. Supercharge your career to become a master clinician with Simon Olivotto

Supercharge your CPD and career development with the secret strategies and habits of expert clinicians, to become a confident, respected and knowledgeable master clinician. ...

55 Min 1 Videos

3. Patient rehab - Careless compliance to awesome adherence with David Toomey

Frustrated with patients that aren’t completing their exercises? Discover how to engage and motivate your patients to improve your treatment results. ...

1 Hr 15 Min 2 Videos

4. Key communication skills to overcome barriers to recovery with Simon Olivotto

How to help patients overcome fears, unhelpful beliefs and other barriers to recovery....

1 Hr 5 Min 6 Videos

5. Tough love and difficult patients with Simon Olivotto

Transform challenging encounters with difficult patients into productive, enjoyable appointments using these effective communication strategies. ...

55 Min 1 Videos

6. Communication with athletes part 1 with Paula Peralta

Discover effective communication strategies to help your athletes recover from injury quickly & get back to training & play as quickly as possible....

1 Hr 30 Min 1 Videos

7. Communication with athletes part 2 with Paula Peralta

Guide athletes through recovery from significant injury, surgical vs non-surgical treatment and choosing effective treatment over “magic bullets”. ...

45 Min 1 Videos


Simon Olivotto

Simon Olivotto is a Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist with over 19 years clinical experience. Based in Sydney Australia, Simon specialises in managing difficult and complex cases of persistent musculoskeletal pain.

Paula Peralta

Paula Peralta is a Specialist Sports & Exercise Physiotherapist (FACP), with more than 15 years experience in private practice and working with elite sport.

Paula has worked with multiple Australian netball, basketball, Commonwealth Games, Olympic & Paralympic teams including Tokyo 2020. Paula currently works between NSW Institute of Sport (NSWIS), Sydney West Physio and as a Senior Physio educator & presenter with the Clinical Edge team.

David Toomey

David Toomey is an experienced and passionate New Zealand based Senior Physiotherapist with a demonstrated history of working with clients from acute injury management to chronic pain conditions and from weekend warriors to elite performers. Motivated and inquisitive, he aims to marry the art and the science of the profession, for better client and professional outcomes.

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